Restrictions On Human Activity Or Career

I am MD NAZMUS SHAKIB KHAN studying masters at Electric Power Engineering Program in second semester now. I am used to delay in my task including study and others household activities that’s needed to complete in time. When someone ignore a task or delay to complete it in time is called procrastination. Further it can be said that, when someone avoid doing more important task and leave it for the future is called procrastination. It’s a common problem of a human life which is one of the reason to limit human activities or career.

I always delay in preparing my projects, assignments and submit it at the eleventh hour of the deadline. Even I delay to take preparation for the examination. I think, it is intentional, habitual or may be psychological issues that come from laziness or unwillingness of a human mind. Sometimes I plan everyday to do my task including study, shopping, laundry and I make a routine to do it accordingly.

But later I lose my interest and leave it for the future.

In this way, I leave over a lot of tasks and then promise myself everyday to complete it which I can’t as I am used to. Procrastination causes health problem like stress, self-doubt. It makes a person lazy to take any initiatives and create fear in a human mind to start any task. Delaying tendency in duty sometimes create in a human mind feeling indecision and depression. We can’t start our task because of fear or laziness even though the task is important for us although we have knowledge to complete the task.

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So before doing any task, I think, we need to plan that, we will do the task just for five or ten minutes and then we will stop the task. If a student want to study but feels lazy or uninterested that makes disrupt in his or her study, then he or she has to be decided to study just for five or ten minutes. So avoiding procrastination, we should have the ability to start our task without fear. If someone plan for a morning exercise but feeling unwillingness, then the person need to keep in mind that, it is only for five or ten minutes.

I believe that, it will not be difficult for a person to do his duty only for some times like for five or ten minutes and this time will increase slowly after starting the duty. By using this intellectual technique of five or ten minutes rule, a person can make a habit to complete his job very easily and can avoid procrastination problem. Although setting a goal or starting any task is a difficult part for a procrastinator, but following this technique can surely minimize or end the procrastination habits in an effective way. Now a day’s social media has become very popular such as Facebook, YouTube as people are using it as study tools. We can find a lot of information about course materials and resources by social media that is very much helpful for a student. Although social media can be used for entertainment that may interrupt study, students can build communication globally to learn and achieve knowledge by social media. Thus online habits help me a lot for my study.

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