Red-White-Blue Gift Statue Of Liberty

During the 1920s the role of women changed drastically. After years of hard work women were finally able to gain the right to vote in the American Government. The political cartoon “To: our daughters” shows the statue of liberty handing a red white and blue gift with the word vote on it to the entire country. The statue of Liberty’s hands look older to symbolize the amount of hard work put into gaining equality. The shift in time of day represents the most eastern and western points in America to symbolize our “sea to shining sea”.

The red white and blue of the gift symbolizes the democracy being handed down to generations of women to come. The statue of liberty is shown as an exaggeration to show how justice is being served.

The word ‘VOTE’ displayed on the ribbon makes it clear that the gift being handed down is that of women being able to vote. Another thing that the older hands symbolize is that fact that those who fought so hard for their rights were not able to see its full effect on the country as a whole but knew its importance.

The quote and primary source chosen shows the stark difference of what women’s role used to be versus what it flourished into. Women went from being seen as homemakers to equal in work and business. The number of women in the workforce drastically increased through the 1920s and brought with it a new sense of freedom due to the fact they could now independently support themselves.

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Another groundbreaking change in culture during the 1920s was the new social attitude many women took on.

The visual is a picture of a flapper Flappers were women who took equality to a whole other level through fashion and social attitude. They would take part in dances, drinking, smoking, and anything else a man might do. The clothes they wore also became more “revealing” as dresses were made shorter to reveal more skin. Despite the liberating opportunities for women there were still people who believed that this equality was wrong which brought about the notion of a double standard. For example, if a woman was to smoke or drink at a party like a man would it would be seen as wrong or immoral but for men it was okay. But despite the backlash received women of the 1920s pushed ever forward in their celebration of equality and independence.

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