The following sample essay on Wounded Amazon Statue  I am going to discuss two pieces of art. The first piece of art is the marble statue of a Kouros (youth), the second is the marble statue of a wounded Amazon. Both of these pieces can be found in The Metropolitan Museum of Art which is in New York City. Going to the Met to actually see both of these sculptures really helped me see all the little details that pictures don’t show.

I was able to ask people who know all about these sculptures information about each of these, for example, I was able to ask what the Kouros and the wounded Amazon represented in their cultures. Each of these pieces of art are beautifully done, yet they are both very different in the sense of details and what their purpose is.

The marble statue of a kouros(youth) is from the archaic period in history. The kouros is a Greek and Attic piece of art.

It is dated back to around 590-580 B.C and was created in Greece. Unfortunately the artists who created this sculpture is unknown.The artist used naxian marble to create the kouros. The kouros stands at seventy-six and five eighths inches without the plinth. The head is twelve inches long, the face is eight and seven-eighths inches long and the width of the shoulders is twenty and five sixteenths inches. The kouros is classified as a stone sculpture. It is known as one of the earliest freestanding marble statues from Attica which is a region around Athens, Greece.

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When I went to the Met and saw the kouros I was able to really look at the statue and see all the details within it. I was able to find out that the kouros is a free standing statue with only a piece of marble on the bottom to hold it up. The statue is a high relief where it is promptly off the surface and the statue has a large amount of mass. With the size of the statue it is classified as life-size. It is an idealized masculine figure. The statue doesn’t take a three dimensional or two dimensional form instead it seems t…

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