RAMLY FOOD PROCESSING SDN BHD is a well-known Bumiputra-owned food-based manufacturer dealing in meat-based product such as beef, chicken and marine-produced. Ramly Burger does not need introduction for Malaysians, and the popularity of the Ramly brand itself eclipses its very own creator, Dato’ Haji Ramly Bin Mokni. Ramly is the guy who has almost single-handedly changed the way how burgers are commercialized via the ‘gerai’ concept. In 1970s, imported meat became very popular in Malaysia and Ramly saw the opportunity to have burger meat locally produced at high volume which could match the standard of the imported meat while maintaining its halal standard.

So, he opened up a burger processing stalls which later became hot in the town at Lorong Haji Hussin, Kuala Lumpur. He named the product after his very own name, Ramly Burger. ?Ramly quickly moved to expand the business further by incorporating a company as well as using machines to speed up processing and increase daily productions. The company was founded in 1984 from a pure desire by owners, Dato Haji Ramly bin Mokni and Datin Hajah Shala Siah binti Abdul Manap to produce halal,clean and quality products.

They also embarked on extensive research to diversify their products and later introduced nuggets, fritters, fingers and others.Currently, the company owns a processing plant, located in SME Industrial Park, Mukim Batu, Kuala Lumpur offering jobs in management, production to product marketing and distribution. Ramly now is the household name in Malaysian and international markets. Ramly was recently awarded as one of the recipients of ‘Anugerah Melayu Cemerlang’ on May 2006.

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