Planning: Setting Goals and Prioritising

Topics: Goal Setting

Planning is about setting goals, establishing strategies to achieve the goals, and developing plans to unite and consort activities. Through planning, we can have a clear direction to accomplish goals. It also reduces the uncertainty and the time than wasting. In the film, the family has the same purpose; they all want to steal the money from the Brazilian police station to punish the rich person who kills one of their members. All members are doing much preparation before they implement strategies.

All people struggle with the goal and keep attempting a different approach to steal the cash from the Brazilian police station such as collected polices automotive and others car for crushing on the police, unlock the huge coffer and took all the money. Dom is the planner of this great project also has a goal to carry and assigns different jobs to his family members that stole a huge coffer at the Brazilian police station.

The plan should have developed a clear goal and direction, can improve the project.

The degree of change is dynamic, and the Degree of Complexity is complex. As there are so many police, the circumstances for police station are not well understood. Dom and his members have directly solely a little data about the police station and don’t know what the most effective ways to escape when success to steal the coffer. For Dom and his members and the police, there are too many uncertainties. So, it should develop a directional plan that is a flexible plan.

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The arranges ought to be a short-term plan because it traverses merely a short period as a result of the risk for the police to find Dom’s plan is high. It ought to be a single-use plan too as a result of the case isn’t routine.

In the film, Dom is the manager. He planned to arrest Hernan’s’ coffer. Directly, to go the Brazilian police station and steal his money in the coffer. He uses the car to fill in the coffer into the container truck, then bypasses the surround and pursues the police. Finally, Dom’s member- Parker, use his professional knowledge, and technical unlocked the coffer and took the money.

In the strategic management process, Dom, and his members find a goal which steals the huge coffer from the police station. In doing an external analysis, they analyze the opportunities, such as at 59 minutes in the movie Parker control the radio-controlled car and through the camera to supervise the environment around the coffer. Moreover, then they can grasp the situation while they are running the project. Before executing the mission, different test member’s driving speed. (At 1.07) So that they can make sure that won’t come up any mistake while they are running the project. After they implement strategies, they think about how they use their strategy to fake the police ~evaluating resulting. (In 1.55)

The manager Dom uses the Traditional goal-setting approaches. The manager Dom uses the Traditional goal-setting approaches. Dom made a specific goal to steal the coffer at Brazilian police station assigns different jobs to his member. At last, they form a group and reach the destination then the stolen project can be started. This approach is work because Dom and his member can choose their way and use their managerial skills to finish their job.

Leading consist of motivating, working with and through people to accomplish goals. There should have an experienced leader of the operation, so he knows how to set a plan and lead to stealing the coffer. In the movie, Dom was the leader of the action. He was the leader of the ‘Dom Family’ which organized a stealing project. As Dom had experience in managing, always is the leader. So, he played the leading role this time. His decision of jobs to his members organises, monitor and motivate them.

The style of the leader- Dom is a democratic style. A leader has involved employees in delegates’ authority, decision-making and used feedback as an opportunity for coaching job employees. (Robbins & Coulter, 2014). Through the film, we will able to see that the leader- Dom will collect different member’s decision. He will give a chance to his members to publish their opinions and listen to their ideas. As Dom is a good leader, most of the time when he gives some ideas or decisions, his followers will agree his choice. It is because he has many experiences about being a leader. Every time, when he is leading a project, the probability of success is very high. That’s why his members very trust him. After he makes a different decision, he will divide jobs or posts for his followers to accomplish their common goal.

According to McGregor’s theory, Dom is a Theory Y manager. It believes that employees are creative, enjoy work, seek responsibility, and can exercise self-direction. Thus, he provided more autonomy and freedom to his team members without close monitoring. Plus, on Herzberg’s Two-factor theory, the motivator is the intrinsic factors that increase job satisfaction and motivation. The motivators of Dom and his members are an achievement and the work itself. As a theft, they can get satisfaction by stealing the challenging kinds of stuff. It is from the task itself. The achievement is when they could get money for the coffer. According to the job characteristics model (JCM), there is high autonomy and skill variety in Dom and his members. It refers to the degree to that employment provides substantial freedom, independence, and discretion to the individual in programming the work and determinative the procedures to be utilized in carrying it out.

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