People and nature are dependent on each other and they are all

People and nature are dependent on each other, and they are all in the larger biosphere of the Earth. Integration of ecosystems refers to the interaction of various factors in the ecosystem. Hemingway loves nature and is committed to the harmonious coexistence of man and nature. Nature has a wide meaning. In this section, we mainly analyze the harmony between the sea, stars, the moon and San Diego and other natural things. In The Old Man and the Sea, you will find many layers that show the proximity between the hero and nature of San Diego.

Before going to sea, he developed a reference book design for the Book of Dreams. He dreams of beautiful beaches, mountains and lions in ancient Africa. Through the old man’s dream, we find his deep desire to live in harmony with nature.

On our way to the San Diego Sea, we saw a beautiful and harmonious world including the sea and blue sky. He reiterated that he and the stars are like brothers, adjusting sleep time for the sun, moon and sea.

At night, the moon and stars made their way to San Diego and told the directions and weather conditions. For example: “In the east, the sky is cloudy and the stars are slowly disappearing. He has entered the valley and the wind is coming. He knows that the next three to four days are bad weather. ” (Hemingway, 70).

San Diego considers it very valuable, loves the sea and respects the sea. Other fishermen have always regarded the sea as a tool to meet their material needs, but San Diego has always believed that the sea is a woman: if she starts to rust or destroy, she will Can not do it either.

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The ocean produces not only a wide variety of fish and seafood, but also fishermen including Santiago. The above analysis shows that the sea is equal and friendly.

3.2 Santiago and Animals

Hemingway, in his novel The Old Man and the Sea, gives the impression that Santiago is compatible with various natural animals, so it is necessary to analyze the region separately. However, this section mainly analyzes photographs of animals other than Santiago and Marlin. Due to the unique properties of marlins, we will analyze them separately in the next section.

Santiago believes that human and non-human lives are on the same foundation. According to him, flying fish, turtles, dolphins and seagulls are our friends and brothers. When he went to sea, the old man expressed his love for various animals. When he sees the sea, he talks to the fish; When he sees the sky, he talks to the birds. Although San Diego went fishing, he loved all kinds of creatures.

There is a supernatural force in nature that helps the elderly to open up their inner world and deal with their inner losses, thus opening themselves to the beauty and magic of nature. He loves tortoises very much, at the same time, he has sympathy with the turtles. Because the ruthless fisherman wants to catch the turtle, he must suffer a heartbeat for several hours before killing the turtle. But San Diego thinks: “My hands and feet are like them. My heart is there” (Hemingway, 35). He is a moral person, if one considers all life sacred (including human life and non-human life). Santiago believes that the turtles are in pain, but they also have the right to live. Turtles are as polite as humans.

In a lonely night, the old man considers himself his companion because there are no people around. Older people can only listen to their literary and art documents at night. The sound of birds flying over the body brought the old man into the world of sound. This is why the old man considers the bird to be his essential friend. In the biological world, animals have their own life and language. Not only did San Diego find his loyal friend Manolin in the world, but he also kept in touch with animal lovers on the beach. When the old person is with these animals, his spiritual world is very rich. He and the animals are very compatible.

3.3 Santiago and Marlins

San Diego sees other animals as friends and brothers, but the Marlins do not see it. When the old man was fishing in the sea, he did not catch the fish because the fish had become long and low. It also means that people who plunder nature have naturally started taking vengeance. (Chen Jingi, 45) The old man could not catch fish for long, and suddenly he caught a big fish. This is his ambition. On one hand, he is highly respected and loves this big fish. On the other hand, the character of the old man is brave, strong and confident, and he will not win anything. He has achieved spiritual success. To prove yourself, you must defeat Marin and take her home. From the analysis given below, we can see contradictions and contradictions in the hearts of the elderly.

At first, he praised Merlin. He believes that this fish is a friend and is a reference form of his brother. It was full of respect and love. He said: “Fish, I love you very much and respect you, but I must kill you.” (Hemingway, 74) The old man thought: Fish, you should kill me. But you have this right, I have never seen a stronger, better, quieter, more powerful enemy than you, brother, come, kill me, I don’t care who murdered. (Hemingway, age 75).

From the above analysis it can be seen that the psychology of aging is very contradictory. As a friend, he praises this big fish, but as an enemy, no matter how hard it is, he must kill this big fish. He does not want to be a failed fisherman. He wants to go fishing, bring a child manoline, win the respect of other fishermen and live a decent life. To prove himself, he must kill the big fish ruthlessly. But he violated the laws of nature, so he retaliated against her. After defeating the big fish in San Diego, it was chased by several sharks. The shark eventually ate the fish and released the old fish skeleton.

Facing the failed literature and art documents, Santiago said: “I am far from the sea. We both sabotage it. When a person goes too far, it destroys his happiness” ( Hemingway, 113). My own flaw with Santiago is that the sea is so far away that it breaks the silence of places where people have never been. He wanted to prove his strength and courage, so he killed Marin. But he went so far that it ruined nature’s balance and peace, so the existence of a shark represents the vengeance of nature.

The above analysis shows that San Diego’s ambitions have always existed. While he was fishing in the sea, he lived with nature in peace, but after meeting Merlin, he killed his entire body. In fact, this method is not correct. More and more facts tell us that people and animals must live in harmony. In the development process, people do not need to maintain a natural balance and break this balance. Otherwise, they will avenge nature.


The development of the modern economy has severely damaged the ecosystem, so it is imperative to protect the environment. This article analyzes the ambiguity of the protagonist San Diego in The Old Man and The Big Man. On one hand, the elderly live in harmony with the sea and animals. On the other hand, pursuing his own goals, leading to the infinity of nature, leads to his own tragedy. . This article combines the contemporary ecological environment with research and simultaneous research to support natural tolerance and find ways to live in harmony with nature as the economy develops.

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