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In time and culture comes changes In the way humans relate to each other and their larger society. Clueless, by Amy Heckling. Appropriates Emma, by Jane Austin, and contains similar values, however, it is set over two hundred years later and therefore the cultural differences are quite prominent. This means the way the characters relate to each other is different because of the varied contexts.

Heckling has kept some values and changed others because of the new genre it is aimed at, the tenpin genre.

The social interaction between the characters is very different and the places here the interactions take place differ also. In Emma, the characters meet at dinner parties, picnics, afternoon teas or sometimes dances or balls. In the early 19th Century It was particularly Important for people of upper middle class to interact often with the people around them, and to Interact with people of lower classes.

This Is no different In Emma. A lot of the interaction happens when Emma goes on walks(particularly with Harriet).

Often these end up leading to having tea, especially with Miss Bates. The way the characters of Emma related was due to the way society was, there was no TV, computers, mobile hones etc. Therefore a lot more time was spent in company with others. Many of the pivotal moments in Emma occurred in ‘gatherings’ of one kind or another, for example the picnic at Box Hill where Emma was rude to Miss Bates.

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The social interaction between characters is expressed through Student’s descriptive language and use of omniscient point of view.

To Each Other

The descriptive language gives the reader a clearer view of the scene and emphasizes the importance of the situation, this was more Important because It showed wealth and position In society. The omniscient point of view gives the reader a chance to make up their own mind bout the surroundings. In Clueless the social Interactions are less formal because they occur more often, at the mall, school, parties. There is also less importance placed on these meetings and in particular interacting with people of different ‘cliques’.

When Cheer is rude to her maid Josh is the only one who sees, unlike in Emma when Emma makes a fool of herself in front of everyone. The places where these social interactions take place are not emphasized as much as they are in Emma because they are more neutral places, egg. The mall is where people from all different ‘cliques’ meet. The relationship between the characters in Emma defer from Clueless and vice versa because of the changes in time and culture. In Emma a relationship Is a lifetime commitment and therefore affects everyone. It is also to keep relationship problems a secret, egg.

Mr. Elton and Emma, Mr. Elton leaves right after Emma rejects him only to return with a wife. He left because otherwise It would have been very awkward for hall to be around Emma and people would Deign to notice ten Iterance. I en Importance AT wealth Ana class are also shown to be different in Emma. Once Harriet marries Mr. Martin Emma must stop eyeing her because of the difference in classes. Being seen with the right people is important, especially in a time when societies were so small. When Mr. Elton realizes Emma wanted him to marry Harriet he says ‘.. Need not so totally despair of an equal alliance to be addressing myself to Harriet Smith’ Marrying down was frowned upon highly and this reflected how people related to each other. Through the use of dialogue egg. Mr. Elton the audience is shown the importance of class as well as through dramatic irony where the audience knows more than the character egg. When Harriet like Mr. Knightly and Emma thinks she likes Frank Churchill. It is more obvious to the reader that Mr. Elton likes Emma not Harriet, Emma is too naive to see this, we can only see it from the omniscient point of view.

In Clueless relationships are influenced less by wealth and class as the society is more multicultural (unlike Emma which is very monoculture). Ocher’s best friend, Iodine, is African American and Christian is a homosexual. Showing the diversity within modern day society. This changes the way people relate to each other, for example greater social fluidity is shown by Heckling through Ocher’s makeover of ATA. ATA actually ends up with Travis but is still friends with Cheer and keeps her Geiger social status.

Unlike in Emma when Harriet marries Mr. Martin and the do not remain close friends, Emma comments on the ‘stain of illegitimacy Harriet would have brought if she had stayed in the ‘upper class’ part of society. The way people relate to each other has varied across different time frames and cultures. In Enema’s time the hierarchical structure was much more rigid than unlike in Ocher’s time when it is socially acceptable to ‘cross’ classes or ‘cliques’ as shown in Clueless. The knowledge of the outside world affects the way people relate to each either and Aries across different times and cultures.

In Emma there is little mentioned about the world, and none at all of outside Europe. London is mentioned, when Frank goes there to get his hair cut, and Ireland, where Jane and Frank stayed, but other than that little goes past Highborn. This is due to the closed off society that occurred in early 19th century England. The lack of technology also influenced it because it meant little communication to the outside world. This meant people had to be more civil towards one another because it was likely those people would be around them their whole life.

Thus affecting the way people related to each other. The knowledge of the outside world is mainly shown through dialogue in conversations. It also helps to look at Jane Student’s background because she was a miniaturist and focused on a small group of people with whom she could develop thoroughly. This small society is brought about by the author and context. In Clueless the teenagers relate to each other with intellectual and cultural references. Their world is very commercialese and with advertising all around them the way they relate to each other is very influenced by their surroundings.

For example when Cheer writes the love note to Miss Ageist she uses ‘Cliffs notes’ and Iodine sees this as normal, when most people would realizes it is a Shakespearian quote. The minds of these teenagers are very impressionable. Later on in the mall Christian asks Cheer if his Jacket is too ‘James Dean’ or ‘Jason Priestly and Cheer understands exactly want en means. I nest cultural reticence Nell ten snatchers to relate and reflect the culture in the mid sass, they vary greatly from those in Emma. Through the use of allusions these references are shown easily to the audience, egg.

Cheer says of the opening montage ‘So, k, you’re probably thinking, ‘is this a Names commercial, or what’. Scenes like this are also satirized, Just like Austin satirized the superficial values of Enema’s world, Heckling does this to Cheer. Through looking at Emma and Clueless one can see that the way people relate to each other reflects the time and culture they live in. Whether it be shown through allusions, dialogue or satire Emma and Clueless, while still carrying some of the same values have very different contexts. This in turn affects the characters relationships with each other.

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