Xpresso Lube Case Study

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Essay Example on Persepolis Thesis Ideas

1. Describe the Xpresso Lube’s service bundle?
Xpresso Lube’s service bundle being alone and first of its sort provides assorted other services other than lube oil alteration. It provides for a scope of javas. a waiting country with good insides. music system and reading stuff appealing to different involvements. In the nucleus country of operations ( lube oil alteration ) . Xpresso provides an chance to the clients to see an anomalousness found in their auto. It besides provided transit installation to clients.

Essay Example on Persepolis Thesis Ideas

2. How are the typical features of a service operation illustrated by Xpresso Lube?
The typical features of service operation illustrated by Xpresso Lube are as given below: –

( a ) Emphasis was laid on client experience at the service station. ( B ) Comfortable waiting suites. java and music highlighted the aesthetics aspect ( degree Celsius ) Employed lifts alternatively of cavities to ease the clients holding a expression at the jobs in their autos ( vitamin D ) Provided transit which ensured that the clients were non worried about their commutation while their auto was being serviced ( vitamin E ) The clients were presented with right facts and honestness on portion of the station was paramount.

4. What elements of Xpresso Lube’s location contribute to its success?

The assorted geographical factors which contribute to Xpresso Lubes success are: –

1. A thriving concern community
2. Xpresso Lube’s location on a chief street near the university attracts a wide spectrum of clients
3. Close propinquity of Xpresso Lube to local stores where people can see while their autos are being serviced.

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5. Given the illustration of Xpresso Lube. what other services could be combined to “add value” for the client?

Essay Example on Persepolis Thesis Ideas

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Xpresso Lube Case Study
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