What Is Music For You Essay

What is music to you? Eve been thinking a lot about this question these last few days. In a way I think It’s kind of a difficult question to answer, because It can be very hard to put your feelings Into words. When you talk about music you can’t avoid feelings. That’s why I think music and feelings are con-necked. The music you hear can be another way to describe your feelings. Music also has the power to change you emotionally and mentally.

Music is always profound and meaningful no matter what type of music you listen to.

Essay Example on What Music Is To Me

We all like different kinds of music, and that’s the beauty of it. There really is no right or wrong perspective; we all have our own opinions. Um-sic isn’t Just given to you, you have to find what you’re passionate about and what you love, to find yourself. The music you listen to is going to be in you style or personality, no matter what.

When I listen to music, I Like to listen closely to the text, and find out what It means. Like when I hear a song I like I want to understand the meaning behind It, and see If I can relate to the text.

And that’s what music Is to me. Music to me Is, Like I said before, If I can relate to the song. I Just find the song more meaningful If there’s something relatable.

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My mood also affects my song choices. For instance, when I’m sad or feeling down I mostly listen to quiet songs. Quiet songs are actually my favorite kind of songs, and that has something to do with my personality. I hate getting attention in front of a crowd, and I can be very shy sometimes. How I feel about many things is something I like to keep to myself, and that’s where music moms into the picture.

Listening to music is the only way I can really express my feelings and myself. Some people say music defines who you are and your lifestyle, and I believe that too. The um-sic I listen to defines who I am. There are also some people who say that their friends don’t really know them until they’ve listened to their music, but I’m not one of those. I like to keep my favorite music to myself. My friends don’t need to know what I listen to, because It’s also a way of exposing myself, and I don’t need to do that.

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What Is Music For You Essay
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