The following sample essay on “Disruptancy”: whether or not the United States should have gone to war with Mexico in 1846.

The United States had sixteen soldiers killed in battle and believed Mexican troops were invading their territory. However, Mexico thought the annexation of Texas was a violation of security and power on Mexico and that the United States was setting themselves up for a war. Each side had inferred their territory boundaries, which also caused the war. Both sides have done wrong, however, I believe the United States was right to have gone to war with Mexico.

According to O’Sullivan, God gave Americans the right to spread west and take power of the land that is rightfully theirs. Through O’Sullivan’s eyes, the annexation of Texas was just the beginning to the land the United States is going to gain. The Mexican government had no organized authority, and should not have been ruling a vast amount of land. If people had the same motives and beliefs as O’Sullivan, then we had every right in the annexation of Texas.

  God’s will comes over our will.

Polk ordered military to take place “between the Nueces and the Rio Grande River” to defend the union. Mexican troops invaded Texas simply because it secceded from Mexico. Mexican troops invaded American territory, and in return, the Americans fought to defend themselves and their country. Also, this territory was officially Texan territory as declared by Congress, so there could be no assumptions made by either side as to which territory either troops were on.

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Because there was an invasion, blood shed, and threat to the United States through Texas, the United States’ troops stood their ground and defended their country.

According to Velasco-Marquez, The Mexicans saw the annexation of Texas as “a declaration of war” and “inadmissable for legal and security reasons”. Despite who started the disruptancy, either country should defend themselves.

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