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This essay sample on Cypher Matrix provides all necessary basic information on this matter, including the most common “for and against” arguments. Below are the introduction, body and conclusion parts of this essay.

Movies are wonderful things; they can inspire, spark debate, and even make you believe in what you are seeing. Virtual Reality is a creation of a highly interactive computer-based multimedia environment in which the user becomes a participant with the computer in a “virtually real” world. This is what the Matrix really is.

In the opening scenes we are introduced to only a few of The Matrix’s main characters. Firstly, we overhear 2 mysterious, secretive voices, male and female. “Morpheus believes he is the one. ” “Do you? ” “It doesn’t matter what I think. ”

We do not know who they are at this point however, later it becomes clear that it was Trinity and Cypher on the phone, and that the phone was being tapped by the agents, who learn of Trinity’s whereabouts and seek her out.

The first character we visually see is Trinity, sitting at a computer, wearing a tight black latex cat suit, little does she know that there are policemen gathering outside the door to her hotel room. The police kick the door down and Trinity doesn’t move. As one policeman advances to arrest Trinity, the action begins and we see Trinity as highly trained in the martial arts.

Trinity Essay

She knocks the policemen to the floor, either dead or unconscious and the scene ends.

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We now think of trinity as some kind of Fugitive. There are some special effects in this scene, which I shall look at later. Trinity means “a group of three”. The character is part of the Neo-Trinity-Morpheus group, and also part of the Neo-Trinity-Cypher love triangle. The name could also refer to the Christian Trinity (the Father, Son and Holy Spirit). You can tell that the Agents are the “baddies” instantly. They seem robotic, and powerful and very stereotypical, they wear black suits and dark sunglasses.

Do they have something to hide? They walk and do things in unison with each other, this perhaps shows that they are robots and are controlled as a unit? Agent Smith is obviously the leader, as he gives out the commands; the other two agents that we see him with in the first scenes obey without question. All the agents wear earpieces and receive messages through these. Are they being told what to do by someone else? Or are they being told what to do by the Matrix? Agent Smith – the name of the main Agent in the movie.

Like Anderson, this is a “generic” sounding name, representing conformity, and the faceless nature of the Agents. Morpheus asks the agent who he is. The agent replies “Agent Smith. ” Morpheus responds with “You all look the same to me. ” Cypher is the unknown voice on the other end of the phone to Trinity right at the beginning of the Matrix. We don’t know anything about Cypher until later on apart from the fact that he talks about killing someone and that he works with Trinity. We do not know his name until later on in the film, however the phone call conversation gets the viewers wondering what the film is about.

One meaning for the word Cypher is “zero. ” This is funny, because if Neo is “the one” (1), then that makes Cypher “the zero” (0). Together, Cypher and Neo are 0 and 1, the two digits in the binary number system used by computers. The two of them are opposing values in the movie, because they are working towards opposite ends. This number reference continues with Trinity as the “3”. Therefore there also ought to be a character who is symbolically the “2”, but who is it? Maybe it is Thomas Anderson, Neo’s name inside the Matrix. Thomas means twin.

The whole movie is all about dual existence, in reality and in the Matrix. Another meaning of “Cypher” is a cryptographic system in which symbols are transposed or substituted. Symbolically, this name shows that Cypher is concealing something. Morpheus is first heard on the phone to Trinity’s mobile. He sounds powerful and in control, he speaks calmly and slowly. He reassures Trinity and tells her to get out to the phone box outside, in which she can get out of the Matrix. The Matrix uses colour themes, where a single colour dominates many scenes in the movie.

Some other movies I’ve seen that use this visual technique are The Cook, the Thief, His Wife & Her Lover, and Temptation of a Monk, to name just two. The three main colours (other than black) in the movie, in order of how often they occur are Green, Blue, and Red. The whole of the first scene is very dark, because it is set at night. The lighting gives a very tense, dangerous feeling and leaves the viewers on the edge of their seats. Spotlights are used a lot in the first scene, whilst following the policemen; the only lighting given off is from their torches.

The viewers can only see what the policemen can see; therefore it makes them feel part of the action. In the real world, there is usually a blue tint on everything, whereas in the matrix, they use green tints. The green colour theme starts at the very beginning of the movie, and it is the most often used theme. The green-on-black theme may be a reference to old monochrome computer monitors, which often displayed green on a black background. The green inside the Matrix symbolises computers and artificial intelligence. It makes everything look quite creepy and unreal.

The opening scene, which is very dark creates a sense of foreboding and uneasiness. I think you can say that RED would be the colour that represents sacrifice for freedom. (RED usually indicates blood, which is usually a requirement for freedom) Red pill = freedom Red woman = by longing for the woman in red Neo risks his freedom in taking a second look and almost getting shot by an Agent Red blood = end of the movie, when he bleeds and becomes freed from his mind and becomes “The One” Red “pod” = when he wakes up and sees the red stuff around him, he becomes freed from the enslavement of the Matrix.

Sound is a major issue in The Matrix. There are many sounds in the first scene that set the mood of the film. Computer bleeps, keyboard tapping etc. Many of the sounds we hear are voices. The voices of Trinity and Cypher on the phone, and Morpheus’ cool and reassuring voice, when he talks to trinity on her mobile. There are also a whole range of sound effects and music. These are what I shall concentrate on. There are a lot of diegetic sounds in the first scenes of The Matrix. Gunshots, the sound of feet running, footsteps, the Agent’s car pulling up to the hotel etc. All of these sounds add to the realistic atmosphere of the film.

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