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Traffic congestion is a critical job which happens on roads which make traffic busy because roads full of autos and coachs. Traffic congestion challenges traffic flow in urban country and is prevented smooth traffic. A turning urban country creates complex jobs in day-to-day life with traffic.

Congestion phenomenon ‘s can non be terminated merely by using physical constructing such as: physique span, expresswaies and increasing route capacity. It is necessary to construct engineering system for transit direction which is used for control of the traffic phenomenon. Traffic control systems have direct influence on traffic jobs which is aid to better traffic flow and cut down traffic congestion. Normally, traffic jams are caused by many grounds such as incidents, works in roads, roads care. Approximately, traffic congestion occurs at peak times in the forenoon or eventide when people are going to work.

In add-on, transit systems are one of the chief grounds doing traffic congestion in some states. Traffic roads have a direct consequence on traffic jams which relate to little ways use or damaged ways ( Katathira et al, 1994 )

What Causes Traffic Congestion

First, when K. Macmillan invented the first autos had proper form and wooden frame in 1839 which included many types of advantages such as: gesture velocity ; comfort ; control ; economic system ; furniture and safety.

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The Automobiles industry became more popular and necessary for the life and it aimed to better auto ‘s industrial design and make more autos by companies. In the terminal of eighteenth century, the first traffic congestion appeared on the old London Bridge which created a serious job. After that, the London authorities decided to happen manner out for this phenomenon which led to the innovation of control system to work out traffic congestion by put ining traffic visible radiations on the old London span. In add-on, the London authorities added another control system by spliting the London old span into two waies, one for vehicles and another for walkers ( Bellis, 1994 ) .

Transportation system jobs have been studied by many research workers and many solutions have been proposed to work out it. Bettering transit includes many ways to better traffic public presentation in major metropoliss and expresswaies. The Government is responsible for bettering the efficiency of transit in metropoliss and main roads between metropoliss which cut down traffic jobs. Transportation obstruction has a clear influence on economic state of affairs and it causes increased in unrecorded cost.

The purpose of this paper is to discuses the effects of control systems can cut down traffic congestion, energy ingestion and route incidents. It is of import to understand the nexus between traffic congestion and control systems. However, there are some solutions to diminish their negative effects.


Traffic congestion, definition

Traffic congestion is complex phenomenon which is related to a figure of autos on the route at the same times which is hinder gesture and necessitate excess clip to make finishs. In fact, traffic congestion is normally repeating or non repeating phenomenon. Always, repeating traffic congestion is appeared by day-to-day event in a certain times which is solved reorganize suited planning. On the other manus, not repeating traffic congestion is unexpected and unusual event cause by an incident which is all of a sudden reduced route capacity. In add-on, route capacity is one of the chief ground cause traffic congestion when the figure of autos on the route increases than the route capacity. ( Logi, 2001 )

Control system

Control system is attack to rectify traffic phenomenons by using engineering, programming and tolls. In the terminal of eighteenth century, the first control system was applied in London by traffic visible radiation which was used to form traffic gesture on London old span. A turning in urban country promote authorities to contrive and use a new engineering has ability to cut down traffic jobs which is called traffic control system. The purpose of this subdivision is to depict consequence traffic congestion by traffic control system because traffic control system has direct influence on traffic jobs which is helped to better traffic flow and work out traffic jobs by use a figure of system factors such as: traffic visible radiations ; route pricing ; travel times ; gasolene revenue enhancement ; transit menu and velocity restriction.

Literature reappraisal

In malice of, the nexus between control systems and traffic congestion is of import ; there appear literature famine which is particularly in grounds of appropriate systems. Therefore, there is calculated and experimental grounds. As a consequence, the relationship between control system and traffic congestion was investigated in 1994 by Shefer which had divided volume over capacity ratio which was used to mensurate degree of traffic congestion. Then after, in1997 the relationship between traffic congestion and control system was studied by Shefer and Rietveld which is used sample hypothesis and supply experiment grounds by comparing traffic congestion degree when extremum hours the traffic congestion degree was less than extremum hours in normally yearss. Further survey, by Noland and Quddus in 2005 who was used nexus between traffic congestion and control system by utilizing spacial analysis manor in London. This survey achieves lower traffic congestion by using several types of control systems ( Wang et al, 2009 ) .

Type of jobs

The most type of job that is go oning in large metropoliss is traffic congestion. Traffic congestion has high impact on smooth traffic which cause calcium hydroxides lose, work chance and energy ingestion. However, traffic congestion has influenced in the metropolis live which become highly complicated and hard for life. The most common with traffic congestion are route accident and route capacity which can be blockage traffic flow in metropoliss or in state side for illustration in London congestion occur in some country non during peak clip ever during all twenty-four hours which cause clip loses and it become serious job which encourage the authoritiess to happen out solution for this phenomenon to diminish it and avoid many jobs relate with traffic congestion which can be make life smooth and unsophisticated. Transportation system challenges by traffic congestion which is importance to develop transit systems by utilizing new methods and utile engineering which can alleviated or decreased degree of congestion in urban country. Harmonizing to ( Logi, 2001 ) point out that traffic congestion is repeating and non repeating congestion which is appeared when traffic volume addition than route capacity in a certain times. Always, repeating traffic congestion connect with day-to-day event thought not repeating traffic congestion connect with unexpected event by route incident or route plants. This phenomenon has been studied by many research workers which aim to happen attacks or solution for traffic congestion.

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