Qatar Traffic: A Research-based Analysis

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The sample essay on Qatar Traffic deals with a framework of research-based facts, approaches, and arguments concerning this theme. To see the essay’s introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion, read on.

First of all, I want to show my gratitude for your time and concern towards my report. I assure you my proposition is understandable and reasonable to change speed limit of vehicles to match the use of the transportations. The use of speed limit is mainly for basic safety purpose.

If a normal every day vehicles provide speed limit that excess 200km/h, it’s unnecessary and tempt the driver to go over the city speed limit. Doha, Qatar would be a secure city and the high death toll will decrease bringing new possibility for success. The advantages and disadvantages of driving at high speed is a lot.

One of the advantages is helping injured to reach hospital or safety place at once. The driver is able to save the person’s life, however might kill both of them by driving too fast.

Another disadvantage of driving in high speed is that you missed out seeing few important details such as road symbols or traffic light and may result of QR 3,000 payment or warning. If we can slow down the high speed, it would result a peace Qatar roads. I studied numerous sources to find exact reason why the cars company builds vehicles that exceed speed limit. The answers can be divided to two categories, scientific reason and business chance.

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Qatar Trafic

“Looking at the Law of Inertia, the vehicle requires a lot more force to accelerate than it does to main a steady speed. This extra force required for acceleration allows the car to have a higher top speed. ” (Dreamer, Web) This scientific reason result the excuse why people need excessive speed limit for safety. On an almost accident scene, the vehicles might survive by accelerating on great speed avoiding the crash. However, if the reason is merely for this I do not think 200km/h are the exact speed needed for it. A crash can be firstly avoided by controlling the speed limit of the car and well trained drivers.

The second reason is making business by using the intended user demand on vehicles ability to go fast although rarely used. The young adults in your country are lured by these vehicles that in the end create major fatalities. As you know, the speed limit in Qatar is 120km/h. These speed limits are mostly found in highways between cities such as from Doha to Al Khor, Al Wakra or Ras Laffan (a city/harbor made especially for oil companies). I’m amazed by the effort your country made to stop insane drivers by constructing a speed detector throughout the cities, even at stop lights.

The CID agents’ works marvelously getting undercover on the area that was not covered by speed detector. In a dependable source, I found information showing your death toll and how your country manages to solve the problem. On the other hand, you cannot hope for young adults’ driver to stop driving recklessly in an instant by teaching them about save driving. The best way to solve it, is to get rid of the first thing that entice them; excessive speed limit. Expats kept blogging about the noise car racing made and how they do stunts in roundabouts.

They may not harm themselves, but may possibly harm others. The Gulf Times News reported that,”The total number of road accidents last year was 20,455, with approximately 200 deaths, according to the Traffic Department. Al-Malki added that 35% of road accident victims were pedestrians who were usually expatriates. ” Getting to the point, I’m proposing to your Traffic Control Centre to manage the vehicles that shipped to Qatar to be given a special touch in the speed limit. For a normal business and family car, the maximum speed limit should be only up to 140km/h.

For the government cars such as ambulance, police car or the CID agents can go up to 180 km/h; safe speed limits. These vehicles speed limit adjustments doesn’t cost a fortune and prepare a better future for Qatar. A survey by Gulf Times shows that 41% of people feel that Qatar is the worst country to drive because of the accident accounts. If the money spend on cars adjustment decrease the money spend on repairing crash or accidents area and Qatar’s road safety increases, it will not only opens great safety in the country but also open doors to many new chances of expatriates workers or business deals.

Many people had tried to reduce the accidents rates, even the International Bank of Qatar managing director, George Nasra said, “Too many of our young people never have the chance to realize life’s opportunities as their lives are cut tragically short by preventable road accidents. We can and must do even more to reduce the number of traffic accidents and fatalities – especially among our youth. ” The less acceleration made by the vehicles, the less gas it will use. Your country will unintentionally contribute to the prevention of global warming by not creating many greenhouse gases by vehicles.

I think this is a good idea to make changes of the world. One small sacrifice for a bigger purpose; it’s like dealing with simple speed limit for creating better environment in Qatar. To conclude, I have proposed the idea to modify the car speed limit in your country to match your maximum speed limit using reasoning. The idea needs to be taken immediately for greater impacts looking at the death toll of car accident are rising gradually. I remind you, it is not only to provide great safety area for your country, but also to open new business chances that can increase Qatar’s popularity in different area of success.Once again, thank you for your time and concern.

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