Examples Of Therapeutic Interventions

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Definition Therapeutic Interventions encompass not Just the nursing profession but each nurse as an Individual. Whether realized or not, every Intervention a nurse Implements Is therapeutic. Sometimes these Interventions can have a good or bad effect. Through research and continuing knowledge, a nurse can learn or Improve these Interventions so that the highest quality of care Is given to each and every patient.

Therapeutic interventions can be defined as actions or behaviors involving clients that is scientifically evidence-based and caring to assist patients in meeting his or ere needs and accomplishing optimal outcomes (PAN handbook).

Through therapeutic communication, a nurse can set the tone for a safe and caring environment. Beginning a trusting relationship will provide the patient with comfort, allowing them to heal and to feel free to express his or her feelings.

For example, deprivation of meaningful relationships and colonization have detrimental effects on the physical and psychosocial wellbeing of older clients. Having a trusting relationship with nurses, alleviates feelings of loneliness and helplessness (Brownie, S. , & Horsemanship, L. 2012). Implementing safe and accurate care that Is evidence-based Is an Important therapeutic intervention.

The five steps of implementation are imperative to avoid unwanted errors from occurring to patients. The five steps include asking a question, finding the best evidence, evaluation of the evidence, applying the information with experience and patient values, and evaluation of outcomes.

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These five steps always surround the patient’s values and beliefs. It is also important for the nurse to collaborate with fellow coworkers when help is needed. Sometimes other nurses ay have an answer that could solve a current problem (Johnson, 2008). To provide optimal care to patients, nurses must be aware of cultural diversity.

What Are Therapeutic Interventions

Every culture has their own values and beliefs, Including the care that each culturally diverse patient receives. For example, a female Arabic client will not make eye contact or speak with male nurses or physicians. This Is not the client’s way of being rude, it is her cultural beliefs and the nurse must be aware of this. It is crucial for the nurse to be aware of these cultural differences before providing care so care is not affected (Taylor, C.. Allis, C. , Lemon, P. , & Lynn, P.. 2011). It is important to prioritize care based on the patient’s needs.

For example, a postoperative patient needs care of an incision. The nurse knows that care of this incision and pain control are top priority. When the patient starts to have trouble breathing and goes into respiratory distress, the nurse needs to be aware that difficulty breathing takes higher priority over an incision. Support Is a crucial therapeutic intervention. When It comes to end of life decisions, families Like to be Involved. The nurse should physically and mentally purport the family, as well as the patient, through this difficult time.

After the death of a patient, the nurse could ask the family If they would Like to spend time with the patient to assist them in coping. The nurse could also ask the family if they would therapeutic and/or as a way to care for a loved one, one last time (Assignations, D. D. , 2013). There are many types of therapeutic interventions. Pharmacological interventions involve the use of medications to prevent and/or treat disease and relieve pain. It is important to monitor peak and trough levels of medications administered.

This is to verify that all medications are therapeutic and not causing damage or harm to the body (Lilly, L. L. , & Collins, S. R. , 2014). Non-pharmacological interventions include music therapy, exercise, art, and dance. These interventions are also referred to as psychosocial interventions. These therapies are used to improve self-esteem and self-achievement, as well as, an alternative method of relieving pain without the use of medications. On occasion, these interventions have helped patients to talk about repressed feelings they may be experiencing (Hayes, N. , 2003).

A nurse could use hermeneutic touch (healing touch) as an intervention. A massage is a great way to rebalanced the patient’s energy field or relieve pain without pharmacological intervention. A healing touch positively affects the patient physically, mentally, and emotionally (Lilly, L. L. , & Collins, S. R. , 2014). This author defines therapeutic interventions as a way to help heal in a manner that is patient-centered. Helping a patient to heal does not always mean medical interventions. Sometimes, it is being a support person for a patient to express their feelings or an advocate when the patient can’t speak.

Therapeutic interventions involve helping the patient whether it is though administering medications or giving a massage. In Conclusion, therapeutic interventions are an important aspect of the nursing profession. It involves more than Just administering medications to help a patient heal. Helping the patient to self-actualization, love and belonging, and self-esteem are a huge step in the healing process. A depressed patient may take longer to heal, where as a patient who is content and happy will heal faster. It should be a priority of the nurse to make sure that each and every patient receives optimal therapeutic are.

Explanation For this explanation, I chose my presentation on encyclopedias. Encyclopedias are a classification of drugs that have their own specific way of killing bacteria that cause infection, more specifically gram negative bacteria. Encyclopedias are a form of a therapeutic intervention and can be used in combination with non-pharmacological interventions. These interventions might include music therapy, acupuncture, deep massage, etc… Encyclopedias are an important therapeutic intervention. Patients may have a serious infection that requires an antibiotic.

Through the administration of this class of medication, the patient is able to begin the healing process from their infection. In addition to this broad intervention, there are several non-pharmacological therapeutic interventions that can be used along with encyclopedias treatment. A massage would be great for patients experiencing muscle cramps caused by the reduction of potassium in the body or for pain experienced from an infection. Another intervention could be acupuncture. Acupuncture is an intervention that allows body mind to relax and heal. It has been useful for treating nausea, vomiting, main and ailment.

Through distraction a patient can take their mind off of the things that are bothering them. Increasing fluids is also an important therapeutic intervention with the administration of encyclopedias. Through increasing fluids the body can reheated itself. Encyclopedias are known to cause problems with the kidneys and by advising the patient to increase their fluid intake, the body can maintain hydration and allow for proper kidney function. Without proper kidney function, the body is unable to remove the medication itself; therefore, potentially causing toxicity and harm to the body.

In conclusion, encyclopedias are an important therapeutic intervention. Without the use of antibiotics patients could become seriously ill with infection or face the possibility of death. While this antibiotic drug class is a therapeutic intervention towards the treatment of infection, there are additional therapeutic interventions that must be followed to keep patients from unwanted and adverse effects. Through my research, as a future nurse, I am able to provide the proper education about encyclopedias and to implement the proper interventions needed to make this therapy a success.

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