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Examples of Literary (Poetic) Devices from "My Wonder Horse"

Simile (example) 1
Line 16-17, “He spent the summer like an Oriental potentate in his woodland gardens.”

Simile (example) 2
Line 97-98, “As still as a sculpted marble he allowed himself to be admired.”

Symbol (example) 1
This is what the Wonder Horse stands for. Line 54-55, “Pride, prestige, and art incarnate in animal flesh.”

Symbol (example) 2
This is the effect that dreaming has on the narrator. Line 207, “I forgot myself, the world, and time.”

Personification (example) 1
Line 131-132, ” A rope that whistles and burns the saddletrees.”

Personification (example) 2
Line 14, “Winter sent him.”

Metaphor (example) 1
Line 84, “I was going in search of the white light that galloped through my dreams.”

Metaphor (example) 2
Line 95, “Together we turned to stone.”

Tone (example) 1
Line 50, “Then my eyes focused there he is the Wonder Horse at the end of the glade on high ground surrounded by summer green. He is a statue. He is an engraving.” Tone: Excitement

Tone (example) 2
Line 206-207, “A cry stiff lead in my throat. Slow, silent sobs.” Tone: Sadness

Imagery (example) 1
Line 1, “He was white.”

Imagery (example) 2
Line 35, “The forest was fresh, green, and gay.”

Simile (definition)
Comparing two unlike things USING “like” or “as.”

Metaphor (definition)
Comparing two unlike things WITHOUT using “like” or “as.”

Symbol (definition)
Something that stands for more than itself

Personification (definition)
Giving an inanimate object human abilities

Tone (definition)
The writers attitude toward the subject. Or how something is said.

Imagery (definition)
(Sensory Details) A description that connects to the 5 senses: touch, taste, sound, sight, smell

Alliteration (definition)
The repetition of sounds at the beginning of a word within a line of poetry or prose.

Alliteration (example) 1
Come clean the Kleenex from your closet.

Alliteration (example) 2
Please put away your pen and play the piano.

Rhythm (definition)
The pattern of stressed and unstressed syllables in a line of poetry

Rhythm (example) 1: iambic
“i HAVE outWALKED the FURthest CIty LIGHT.”

Rhythm (example) 2: anapestic
“twas the NIGHT before CHRISTmas and ALL through the HOUSE.”

Metaphorical Language (definition)
Language that is not used is its literal definition

Metaphorical Language (example) 1
The poem sparked a memory.

Metaphorical Language (example) 2
I opened the door of my mind.

Poetic License (definition)
The freedom poets have to break any grammar, capitalization, spelling, and punctuation rules.

Poetic License (example) 1
Roses are red, Violets are blue, some poems rhyme, This one doesn’t

Rhyme (example)
I sat in a vat with a cat named Matt

Rhyme Scheme (example) 1

Rhyme Scheme (example) 2


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