Night Elie Wiesel Themes

The three main themes in the book “Night,” are inhumanity, faith, and the father/son bond. Inhumanity is a major part of what happened in the book Night. Everyone who was a victim was not treated fairly whatsoever. The book talks a lot about how the Nazis killed tons of people and were very cruel towards them all the time. The Nazis sent everyone to concentration camps, some were death camps and others were labor camps. In the camps if you were sick or ill the Nazis would most likely kill you.

They had many ways of killing people such as gassing them, shooting them, working them to death, not giving them enough food or water, etc. “Babies were thrown into the air and the machine gunners used them as targets.” I find this quote from the book very disturbing. I don’t see how someone could kill innocent people. To get to the concentration camps they had to take a train.

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The conditions of the train were very bad it was really crowded, they had to stand in their own feces, some even died before they made it to the camps. The Nazis spilt up families. They separated the boys and the girls. You couldn’t see them anymore unless you were the same gender. A lot of people never got to see their family again. The Nazis were very inhumane towards the Jews and did not care or think about what they were doing.

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Elie and his father’s bond is another major part in the story. Since Elie was spilt up from his mother and sisters all he had was his dad. Also since he was a kid still and terrified of what was happening he wanted to always be with his father. Even from the beginning of the story before everything happened they were still very close. They were usually always by each others side during it all, they would make sure the other was okay. They would share food or water if the other needed it. They constantly were talking like everything was okay. “Please I would have liked to be by my father.”

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