All The World's A Stage And We Are Merely Players

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Introduction to Theatre Review on As You Like It. “All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players. ” touched my heart when I sat under a tree in dog wood park to see the play which leaves me no doubt that this is “As you like it” written by the greatest writer in the English language and the world’s pre-eminent dramatist and play write William Shakespeare. They play started at 7. 00pm in the evening and it was directed by Steven W Gwilt.

They story as about a girl named Rosalind who was the nephew of a king named Duke Fredrick and a boy named Orlando who was a prince. Rosalind and Orlando fell in love with each other when they meet at a wrestling competition. Their love goes deeper when Rosalind went to forest with her cousin Cilia and a fool guy named Touchstone in search for her banished father in a disguise of a man and named herself as Ganymede and coincidently meets Orlando while Orlando was expressing his love for Rosalind with the nature of the forest and Heather.

With the disguise Rosalind appeared in front of Orlando and said that his love for Rosalind isn’t enough. To prove his love Orlando had to woo Ganymede. Along with this story there were other love stories also. The fool Touchstone fell in love with Phebe who came along with them and there is the story of the couple Jacques and Audrey. Orlando’s elder brother Oliver also fell in love with Cilia.

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The story ends with a happy wedding in the end. The acting of the main character Rosalind and Orlando was very good. Their ostumes and acting was true to the play. The theatrical condition was small but it was good.

The voice of the actors was loud and clear. They gave a very good gesture but at the beginning When Orlando and Oliver heard the name of Rosalind and Cilia and their relation with Duke Fredrick they used high five which was funny but it might not true with the play. And when Rosalind and Cilia decided to go to the forest together they used something similar to high five which was also funny but It might not be true with the play. I think this things wasn’t true to the play because the story was about a very long time ago and I don’t think high five was used as gesture in those time.

The reaction in all the situation was good but the Reaction a Heather wasn’t that good. When they entered the forest they made sound of foot behind the scene which was a brilliant idea and their entering and going out of the scene as perfect timing. This showed me that they had good teamwork. The entire presentation of the play was good but the banished father Duke the senior faced his ack to the audience a lot of times. The whole set was very good. But they only showed two set, the forest and the kingdom.

And they didn’t showed the play of Orlando killing the snake and tiger. They made a second floor on the set which helped the audience see two scenes at a time but going to second floor sometimes make audience that they were climbing mountain where there is no mountain story in the book. The dress up and costumes was perfect. But the dress up of Heather and Duke senior was not that g Because Heather dressed up pretty well but Duke’s ress was like a forest guy which might made audience think that Heather is the Duke senior and Duke senior is Heather.

The songs were very nice especially the last song. But the music that was played during the intervals was kind of modern type which didn’t make the story looked like that it was a story of past times. On my opinion the liked the show very much. Even though some of the dialogues were changed and some of the things made it looked like it wasn’t true with the play but it made the play funny and interesting which made me liked it.

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