A Discussion on Inclusion and Equality of Latin-American Baseball Players in the United States

Inclusion does not mean equality. Equality does not exist without inclusions In the instance of baseball it seems like inclusion is the only thing management, economic interests, and sometimes even fans care about, It seems like non-white players have to fight an onslaught of prejudice and unfairness to play. Foreign born Latino players receive significantly less pay than even U,Si born Latinosi The odds have been and continue to be stacked against non-white players‘ favor, In the article “Latin—American Ballplayers need a Bill of Rights“ by Filipe Alou the struggle for Latin American players to make a fair and living wage is laid out Alou received fines for playing an approved winter league game with Cubans, He faced harsh racism in the south and was excluded from the white players’ accommodations He often Limes completely lacked inclusion on top of equality.

One of the key things he pointed out is that this is not singularly effecting him; all foreign born Latinos and especially those with African ancestry had to face mistreatment during the 1960s.

The problem is that people of these heritages still face inequality today despite their ever rising presence in the game of baseball. Professor Adrian Burgos brought up a pivotal fact in his lecture on the Color Line, for which my essay takes the title from He says that Jackie Robinson was signed for $4,500 in 1945, Sammy Sosa was also sign for $4,500 in the modern United States. Even though prices have inflated and minimum wage has gone up Sosa was still paid the same amount of money as the first African—American player in the Major Leagues, This is a clear example of inequality being present despite Sosa’s inclusion in the game What is so troubling about this is it shows that our culture really hasn‘t changed much since the 19405, Management isn’t trying to get the best Latino players at whatever the cost, they just want Latinos as cheap as possible, and so they might not even pick the best talent if the player is already established.

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If baseball is truly meant to become respectable and if we ever want to treat people with fairness, baseball needs to force managers to compensate equal pay for equal work. What all of these facts have taught me is that the face of inequality changes but the intent never does. If Latino players come to the United States as guests to play for and support a team economically, then they should be compensated for their time, commitment, and ability. One of Filipe Alou‘s points was that people misinterpret the Latin temperament as laziness but really they hide their disappointment out of good nature. A newspaper or sports radio caster can say that a player is having a bad season because they’re not putting in the work when the reality is that the player is doing better than the majority of his team. ljust feel like America needs to become more sensitive as a whole to different countries’ culturest.

If we only educated the public on traditions and current etiquette from other countries people would be more accepting and kinder as a whole. The issue with management is that they’re treating people’s lives only in the interest of economics, This is an issue that can only be solved through unionizing and law passing. One last shocking example of American behavior is the way Louis Sockalexis was treated He was Native American and advertised as the Indian player. Not only was he considered a novelty, people saw him as an intruder. He was described as a “foreigner” even though North America is his people’s native land This is just another example of why inclusion is not equalityt He was allowed to play but was dehumanized and made into a generalization of his ‘race’, It is difficult to understand why people still want to bring the chief back. If a culture is perceived in an unfair way and the people of that culture don’t like it then why do people have such a difficult time hearing the pain these people are trying to express that they’re feeling.

It is the job of the media to educate people on why the chief is so problematic instead of writing articles about the people why wanted or want him to remain. It is apparent that people of color face disproportionate prejudice in every aspect of their lives, I don’t understand why it has been allowed to go on for so long, I think what this week’s lecture has inspired me to understand is that inequality has deep roots, and to pull it out of society everyone, especially media sources, has to make an effort in every aspect of their lives, As long as people are ignorant and believe that those who are different must somehow be less there will all ways he unequal pay, unequal working standards, and unequal life experiences It is therefore paramount to educate and inform to stop this huge issue from possibly getting worse.

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