The Thirteenth Tale Review

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Essay on “The Thirteenth Tale”

Familiarity with this book made a mixed impression on me, maybe to blame, that I had placed on her high expectations? I Recommend it as a fascinating story with lots of “skeletons in the closet” in the spirit of “historians”. I remember, I was glad that six months ago, in a fit of book shoppogolizma took and “The Thirteenth Tale”

Books, their absorption rate, divided I into 4 categories:. 1 – are read immediately, a maximum of 2 weeks (I do not read evening and night, and somewhere in half an hour a day); 2 – the largest category of books in the past month and a half; 3 – book with pitfalls, which takes time and patience; 4 – books that I suffer for months, trying to read, but sometimes can not stand.

This work has threatened to slide into the 3-Yu category, but due to the development of the plot moved into the second.

As it is not so in this “The Thirteenth Tale”, which gained so many wonderful epithets? Here, like and Gothic novel, and allusions to “Jane Eyre” and volumes of favorite English books in the library, Miss Winter, and mystery.

keys to kotogrym neprozorlivy reader, like me, picks up only at the end of the story? It would seem that it is a solid “excellent”, but …

My main disappointment was … boredom. Everything connected with Andzhelfildom, except for a few moments to tire me out of childhood twins, did not provide any new information or if not fully disclosed, charmingly. History, sluggish at the beginning, comes to life with the advent of Esther, is twisted into a tight knot, she begins to spin napodobii belechego wheel; there is already struggling with the desire to look to the end of the next chapter, to, for example, to know what the outcome of the experiment Dr.

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Maudsley. And where is the boredom? Alas, it is in line Margaret. How vivid and convincing Vida Winter, so pale and ridiculous Margaret Lee. Its relationship and feelings about lost at birth twin sister pokazadis me exaggerated, overly exalted and absurd, like the heroine of a came down from Radcliffe’s novels, or suffers from an obsessive psychosis. He remained an unsolved mystery and the mother of the heroine: though the author, and tries to explain the intricate family relationships, the line Lee family left the impression neprorabotannosti. That is why I have a hard way through the first 60 pages, to be honest, not hoping that the book will entice me.

The Thirteenth Tale Summary

The most wonderful place it seemed to me … the second plot, when the clouds finally dissipated, and stage were people, not ghosts. It looked promising and the emerging thaw in the family of Lee, and finding quiet joy Aurelius. New plot – a new life .

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