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Lucille Fletcher wrote the play, Sorry, Wrong Number.Originally a radio play, this story provides a mental picture for the reader and still giving the allusion of fear and surprise.The main character, Mrs. Stevenson, in the play ends up depending on her only source of communication to the outside world, her phone!Sorry, Wrong Number is a play that shows the distortion of humor as well as the unaware accepts of homicide. All alone, Mrs. Stevenson has just placed a call trying to get a hold of her husband.

This is when it is revealed to the reader about Mrs. Stevenson’s ill condition. After being asked a second time, the operator again tries to dial the number of her husband’s job but by some weird twist of fate, the line ends up being incorrectly dialed.Mrs. Stevenson not deliberate of what just happened, tries and speaks but no one can hear her.She happens to overhear two men plotting to kill an elderly woman.

They plain to do this around the time of eleven o’ clock.Then as fast as the conversation came into her receiver, it disconnected, only leaving her with a bland buzzing signal.Devastated by what just happened, Mrs. Stevenson calls the operator back to try and report what just took place.The operator can not do much and decides to connect Mrs. Stevenson to her superior.The chief operator tells Mrs. Stevenson that she needs to contact the police because the situation is tot! al out of her hands.

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After being connected to the police department, Mrs. Stevenson becomes every agitated at the fact that everyone is just brushing the problem away as if the phone conversation never really happened.A long and stressful night of fearing for another woman’s life, she soon finds out that it is really her life that is in danger but by this time it is too late! Mrs. Stevenson is a caring and yet ignorant person.Her compassion for this complete stranger is what really gives this story its edge….

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