Jamie Johnson The One Percent

In the documentary The One Percent by Jamie Johnson, he discusses the growing wealth gap between the wealthy elite compared to the rest of the United States citizens. I thought this was a pretty neat idea in the sense that not only did it in a way expose the wealthy for being the obnoxious and greedy individuals that some say they are, but it also gave me a chance to explore the life of an extremely wealthy individual and their family.

Jamie’s father James had made a similar documentary when he was Jamie’s age and his father despite the fact that he did that. Therefore, James has similar feelings about Jamie producing this documentary.

One of the men interviewed in the documentary discussed religion being a factor and playing a role in being wealthy. He said that God wouldn’t give you anything you can’t handle pretty much. I agree with this to an extend. It seems like he made it sound like the ones with money now are the only ones capable of handling the amount of money they have now.

In my opinion, I feel as if that blessing doesn’t make them any stronger or more powerful than any one individual. For the other 99% of the population, we we’re blessed with other aspects that will continue to make us stronger and more powerful. Sadly, we can’t all be blessed with money. I thought it was cool to see Oscar Meyer’s relative give away his fortune to live a non-wealthy life like the other 99% of the country.

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Warren Buffett’s granddaughter Nicole Buffett, had done the same thing and Warren Buffett had cut her off from everything and he disowns her and says she is adopted. It’s sad to see your own family go to these measures all because of money. It should never get to the point where family is disowned all because of their own decisions.

Jamie Johnson One Percent

In the part of the documentary when they were at the park and a homeless man walked up with a loaf of bread, the man being filmed said he gave the man a dollar just to get rid of him. Som…

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Jamie Johnson The One Percent
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