Marketing Mix Of Johnson And Johnson

The case took into consideration the situation surrounding the handling of Johnson & Johnson under William Weldon. Based on the case study, Weldon was a master of marketing, which was then to the advantage of the monolith J&J. The following discussions will analyze the capability of J&J using the marketing mix to maximize the profits gained by the said company under the headship of Weldon. II. Marketing Points A. Product

Based on the article of (2003) Johnson & Johnson was a company who dwell in innovation and new products.

This shows that the company has a commercial advantage against its competitors. Not only does it have a recognizable brand, it also offers products which the public identify with them. This is possible because they have identified themselves with the product. A good example of this would be their treatment of the drug, Procrit. B. Place Along with the famous products of the company, it also shows how effectively they make these accessible to the public.

In the case of their product Bandaid, they targeted hospitals by making it more scientific through the improvements made by their research and design department. The product was made liquid and thus accessible for hospitals as wound closing agents. Another product was also made accessible to the public. Their product, Nizoral, was formerly an antifungal treatment targeted for hospital use was transformed to commonplace merchandise, shampoo. This shows the tenacity of the company to offer the public their products and in the same time expand their market.

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Product Mix Analysis Example

C. Promotion The promotion of the products of J&J, the company takes on the persuasive craftsmanship of Weldon to the public. The article indicates that Weldon does impose rather challenging tasks to his executives. These tasks are expected to be successful at the first attempt that some of the executives even consider it impossible. Nevertheless, the pressure provided by Weldon has been considerably effective given the performance of J&J in his reign.

The competitive compulsion that has enveloped the company through Weldon has helped improved consciousness and creates a positive image towards the products offered by the company. D. Price Early on in the article, the discussions have presented that J&J have offered the public with low-cost and considerably affordable products in the market. This doesn’t only make their product known to the majority of the public, but also the choice of many buyers. The good thing about J&J’s recognizable brand name is that the buying public tends to trust their products.

In this manner, this part of the marketing mix tends to contribute largely to the rest of the determinants of product choice. III. Conclusion The case study presented the circumstances surrounding Johnson & Johnson as one of the most influential companies in the commercial sector. One could learn largely on the situations of J&J. It shows that a firm leader could do wonders for the company. The case study has presented that Weldon was cognizant of both internal and external elements that affect the overall environment of the company.

In this manner, he was able to use these to his advantage. Knowing what needs to be done for product has greatly influenced how he became aware on how these are going to be carried out. More important than the effective implementation of the marketing mix, the proper communication within the organization is required. Along with the strong leader, the need of a healthy interaction within the ranks presents not only an opportunity to develop but also, as seen in the case of J&J, to essentially make seemingly impossibly demanding tasks into measured ones.

Nevertheless, the case study has also presented that the company have indeed taken several missteps in their quest for development. Again, leaders have to be constantly vigilant such that these errors could be mended before major implications have infected the entire operations of the company. Companies could learn from the case of J&J. Firm leaders and able executives to realize the vision of the company spell success for the company.

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Marketing Mix Of Johnson And Johnson
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