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Umberto Eco uses a batch of intertextual mentions in his book The Mysterious Flame of Queen Loana. In this essay I am traveling to concentrate on a few of those intertextual mentions, while besides naming a few more at the terminal of the text. My Cryptic Flame of Queen Loana extract begins towards the center of Chapter 7 “Eight Days in the Attic” and ends the page before Chapter 8.

The first of the intertextual mention that I am traveling to concentrate on is Eco and Disney which are written on extensively in this book. I found three mentions to Disney on page 134 of Chapter 7 “Eight Day in the Attic” Umberto Eco liked to utilize a batch of Disney and intertextual is mentioned in his narrative. As I researched to happen out why he would utilize Disney as a mention in his narrative changed my position from the first clip I read the lines in the narrative.

My excerpt negotiations about Pinocchio and Snow White, which we know are fantasy characters that we have all come to love. In his Essay Travels in Hyperreality, Eco talks about the two Disney ‘s, Disneyland and Disney World, and how they are the “absolute sham metropolis” with how they re-create a batch of the imitation of the metropolis and of the automatons they have created. He does happen the true hyperreality because of Disney everything is “brighter, larger and more entertaining than mundane life” but besides saying that  the world can be dissatisfactory.

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As I read this portion of the essays that it changed my position on how I read my extracts from the narrative of The Mysterious Flame of Queen Loana.

I thought when he was adverting these Disney characters that is was something happy and exciting, but as I read his essay, it made me believe he was composing about how the world can I dissatisfactory. Another thing that Eco said bout Disney made me believe more about why this mention is in the text and how he intended it to be used. Echo said, “The Main Street frontages are presented to us as plaything houses and ask for us to come with them, but their inside is ever a cloaked supermarket, where you buy compulsively, believing that you are still playing”(1). I know that in Mysterious Flame of Queen Lonoa, he is speaking about certain characters of Disney films, but to me everything Disney even the subject parks are the same. That last quotation mark he said Disney is a supermarket in camouflage makes me believe that he meant for the Disney character mentions to be himself in a large supermarket seeking to purchase material to acquire his memory back.

The Mysterious Flame

The following intertextual mention I will speak about is the chief character’s name of Yambo, which is talked about on pages 134 through 136 of Chapter 7 “Eight Days in the Attic”. In text Yambo is the chief character, he is a rare book trader who has suffered, from what we read in the text, a peculiar sort of cardiac event, the consequence of this cardiac event is amnesia. Yambo retains much of the information that he has read and seen in his books, but following to nil of his personal history, go fishing his friends and household as aliens to him, and in bend he has no cognition of his yesteryear, for which he does non cognize what he likes or disfavors in the universe. Eco uses Yambo as an intertextual mention because Yambo is a pen name of Enrico Novelli of Ciuffettino by Yambo demoing Ciuffettino ‘s hideous hairstyle.

Where as in Italian Ciuffettion means quaff, tussock of hair, and a cowlick. I can make a connection with this intertextual mention because in the text Yambo negotiations about his hair and within my page numbers on page 134, he is making mention of these things. Echo says “Cuiffettino, the capturing small male child with the quaff of a fairy-tale assassin: “An huge quaff that gave him a funny visual aspect, doing him to resemble a plume dust storm” (Eco 134). Then Yambo goes on to state that this is how he wanted to be and how that this is the ground he was born. As I read this text and so found out what the mention of Yambo truly was I could understand why the moniker of Yambo was put in topographic point for the chief character in this narrative. Eco besides makes the mention in another one of his narratives, Foucault ‘s Pendulum.

The chief character in that narrative makes a remark about his hair, so we see that Eco brings in the Cuiffettino term into drama in both narratives bring in the intertextuality between the two narratives. The moniker is besides from amusing “Le Avventure Di Ciuffettion”. The moniker was picked because Yambo liked this amusing.

The 3rd intertextual mention that interested me in my extract was the mention of Sherlock Holmes in the text. This intertextual mention comes up on page 152 in Chapter 7 “Eight Days in the Attic”. Sherlock Holmes is the celebrated investigator with an intense Oculus, hawked nose, and the hallmark chapeau and pipe. Holmes observation and inherent aptitude personified, and even though he takes a spot of a back place to Watson in this narrative, we ever experience his presence.

Holmes was an investigator that was really rational and really adept in his manner to work out really hard instances. This mention was when I read it in the text was one that I could understand because Holmes is a detective seeking to work out offenses and ever is envisioned sitting about different topographic points with a missive or by a fire, while Yambo is his aim investigators seeking to happen his lost memory that has been taken off from him. In Cryptic Flame of Queen Lonoa, Eco says “At that really minute Sherlock Holmes was me, purpose on retracing and retracing distant events which he had no anterior cognition, while staying in place, close away, possibly even in an Attic”(152).

At this minute Yambo feels a connection with Sherlock Holmes. I feel like Eco put this in his novel because the narrative is sort of like a detective narrative, Yambo seeking to happen his lost memory by traveling through his parents Attic to happen his memories. Yambo is seeking seeking to battle that fog, which he makes mention to on page 152. Then we get one of the four voices in the narrative, the italic text and it’s a reading of the Sherlock Holmes narrative, A Study in Scarlet. The italic text negotiations about the fog. It says “heavy drizzly fog” and “Foggy, cloudy forenoon,” here we see the connection between the that text and Eco ‘s text because both characters, Yambo and Sherlock Holmes, are both seeking to battle that fog that is dejecting liquors and doing problem for each person. I think that this was one of the bigger intertextual mentions in my extract from the narrative of Mysterious Flame of Queen Loana. I say this because it is a large connection between characters and what these characters are making in their certain narratives. Yambo is being that investigator like Holmes, utilizing his acute ability of text to assist happen the lost memory of his personal life.

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