The Most Beautiful Woman In Town

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The book is not for everyone. Many might offend, and someone even cause stomach cramps. Life without embellishment, richly flavored netsenzurschinoy. “Bukowski” for a long time they used as an adjective (I was drunk and Bukowski), indicating absolutely peculiar worldview

We have long suffered from a very long time -. Almost two thousand years

Charles Bukowski is one among the most controversial. American authors. And one of the most interesting and unusual. His work – it’s realism, taken to the extreme.

His stories are full of “seamy side” – orgies, drunkenness, violence, meaninglessness of existence. But in this hopeless world, there is a place for art. Art of the same dark and marginal as the surrounding reality. To the hero the only thing that makes sense is honesty. In relation to themselves and the world. He wanted to know undisguised truth of life. This is due to the fact that the work of Bukowski filled with disgust for everything superficial, but protects the public.

Therefore, in his stories almost always have a place to love and hate.

The Most Beautiful Girl In Town

Now about the publication. Chapters are structured thematically: love, death, art and so on. The translation is done at a good level, Viktor Kogan. It is worth noting intentional disregard of punctuation (why be distracted by all there “point” when the important essence of the thought).

I do not believe you can change the world for the better. I believe that it is possible to try to not make it worse.

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Before reading the book I recommend to familiarize with the interview, which gave Charles. So it will be easier to understand, and perhaps take the author.

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The Most Beautiful Woman In Town
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