The Idea of a Beautiful Woman as Perceived by Media

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Nowadays Mass media, such as films, advertisements and magazines plays a big role in our lives, they influence our impression on things the most. When watching a movie or going somewhere or even when reading magazines to entertain ourselves, people often see a lot of advertising pictures of women with the ‘ideal’ body and faces. The media broadcast images of beauty to control people consciously. They exploit our definition of beautiful woman which affects people either physically or psychologically. How people perceived the idea of beautiful woman has become an important issue because people have the freedom to decide but the media influenced the most of our ideas on beauty standard that we decided to follow the trends than to be unique.

‘Beautiful woman’, when this word is mentioned, women runs an endless list of insecurities in their minds, every girl has done this at least once in their lives.

In today’s world, young women especially teenagers are under the impression that they have to fit the current definition of a beautiful woman in which they need to be a ‘barbie doll’ to fit in this society rather than being their true unique selves.

The media has spoon-fed girls with the idea of having long legs and great hair, having curves in their body, which caused them to put thick layers of makeup, squeezing their body on very small clothes, and even having cosmetic surgery because this is how the media displays a beautiful woman. Most women were taught to compare their selves to others.

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For years, the media tries hard to construct the ideal image of what a beautiful woman is. Even though media boast the image of a “beautiful woman”, the simple fact is that most of us can’t achieve it. The media set unrealistic expectations of beauty standard that a woman tries so hard to achieve. Women have different perceptions of true beauty but in an unexplainable reason, they try so hard to achieve the media’s perception of true beauty.

Still, girls try so hard to achieve the media’s idea of a beautiful woman. As dreadful as it sounds, our society hears a lot about girls skipping meals, purging their selves and excessive exercising. For years, eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia have been increasing and no simple cure exists for eating disorders, but treatment is available, and recovery is possible. Through a combination of therapy, nutritional education and medical treatment, the symptoms of an eating disorder can be managed or eliminated. Unfortunately, only one in 10 people with an eating disorder receives treatment, but true recovery is possible. Media and peer pressure often reinforce a negative body image, especially in young girls. In Western culture, they equate thinness with beauty and success, with this mindset it is likely for girls to be diagnosed with an eating disorder and any other mental disorders. For me, body shouldn’t define the beauty of a woman. At such a young age girls learn to put on makeup and worst, having plastic surgery. As young as 13-14 years old, girls start to undergo cosmetic surgery. In Korea, women who have been discriminated for looking a certain way or has been unhappy with the way they look, undergoing a plastic surgery could be a powerful tool towards self-determination. On the other hand, a society that tells people how or what they should look or shames people for not getting surgery should be scrutinized.

Coco Chanel once quoted that “Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself”. We women kept on achieving the idea of beautiful woman that the media perceives just to fit in this society. All individuals has their unique characteristics. Why pursue an unattainable and unrealistic idea of a beautiful woman? Why wear uncomfortable clothes just to follow trends? Why coincide to the media’s distorted standards of true beauty? Why give in and believe that you are not good enough?

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