The Magus: A Philosophical and Mystical Masterpiece

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The following sample essay on “The Magus Book “: philosophical and mystical work, is the best example of the great John Fowles, my opinion.

The book which was bought by me by chance, otherwise I would not when would not read it. I wandered along the bookshop until he stumbled on a rather thick book with “Magus” inscription. On the reverse side to it it was written that this philosophical and mystical work, is the best example of the great John Fowles.

Of course I bought it. What then I regretted and continue to regret until now. I believe that not every unsuccessful writings can be called a literary work.

What are all the same is narrated in the seven hundred pages of this book. Yes, anything, with the same success it is possible to read Harry Potter or Golding. When you open a book you want to see something beautiful or syllable, or a beautiful story, or interesting thoughts. Feature of “Magus” is that there is not what this is not.

Naturally there is neither appeared and promised mysticism and philosophy. That is, there was something vaguely reminiscent of the philosophy. I was reminded of the fashion in recent years, when the girls reading Cuello just beginning to talk (to show off) that they are addicted to philosophy. This book is designed for people does not understand either in literature or philosophy or psychology. Through the entire novel pseudo pass Freudian ideas, so that by four pages start to really think about, not whether there will be something real are mixed among all this senseless delirium.

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But at this moment of my insecurity, I did the only correct way out, and took down Freyda and then flipped through a couple of books Young. Yes, everything was exactly as I expected. In the novel of John Fowles ‘The Magus’, it turned out to be no more psychology than in the books of Natalia Pravdinoy.

And finally, you can ask a question for which I nachel this review. Why write a book in which that is not present, and even to give it for intellectual literature? And how is it that Fowles became one of the most popular women writers (almost pereplyunuv great Jane Austen!)? The problem of people who read it that they do not need a real literature, they have enough semi-finished, made-up, where a man give a meaningless phrase, and then writing that this phrase was some smart idea. Why not. After all, not everyone will pass away in the head to get to his bookshelf and open a book which speaks the phrases really have a deep meaning.

«Magus» won the first place in my personal hit parade of the worst books that fall into my hands . Ahead by a wide margin, “Doctor Zhivago” Pasternak and “Spire” Golding. He became the worst at least for the fact that the author tried to make me believe in the intelligence of this pointless and unsuccessful books.

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The Magus: A Philosophical and Mystical Masterpiece
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