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Al Capone Essay Essay

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The sample essay on Al Capone Essay deals with a framework of research-based facts, approaches, and arguments concerning this theme. To see the essay’s introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion, read on.

Capons had a leading role in the illegal activities that gave Chicago its reputation as a lawless itty. The author has written an intriguing book and provides adequate details but doesn’t really provide an augment he Is Just summarizing the life and world of AY Capons. John Cobbler used hundreds of reliable sources when writing this book most of them were secondary sources but he did have some primary as well. He Interviewed many people Including Capon’s cellmates, doctors, lawyers, friends, and other acquaintances that prefer to remain anonymous.

Some of his secondary sources are investigative files from the internal revenue service (IRS) about Capons and other fosters that had never before been released to the public. The Federal burial of Investigation turned over invaluable documents to him as well. He also used many books, articles, and pamphlets. He used all of these sources to present his thesis and to tell the life story of AY Capons. John Cobbler was born In Mount Vernon, N. Y. , and graduated In 1931 from Williams college. He worked for various news organizations as a reporter for many years he later served in World War II as a civilian intelligence officer.

The Life And World Of Al Capone

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He returned from war to write for The New Yorker, Colliers, Vanity Fair and The Saturday Evening Post. Then shortly after began to write non fiction books mostly biographies The author, John Cobbler, did an excellent Job writing this book. The title, The Life and World Of AY Capons, really sums it up. Not only was this an extremely factual book it was very interesting to read. He had a pretty easy to follow writing style. Their were some parts of the book that were a little harder to follow than other but It wasn’t too bad.

Sometimes he would use language from the time period and Mafia terms that I didn’t understand. One thing I thought was a flaw in his writing style was hat every time someone new was introduced he went into to much detail about that person. Their were whole chapters where Capons would rarely If ever be mentioned. Chose a book about AY Capons not everyone else in his life.. I would recommend this book for anyone. It’s perfect for people interested in American history, the mafia, AY Capons, the prohibition area, or many of the other topics covered In the book.

It’s k for anyone new to these topic but Its great for someone with some prior knowledge on the topic or some one looking for a great 1 OFF source Tort a project Nine KICK Is a D t lengthy Ana goes Into great detail so you snout be interested in the topic. ‘ personally feel that this book does a very good Job of explaining the details of AY Capon’s life and the time era in which he lived. I believe that everyone that has the chance should read this book because it is very entertaining and interesting. Surface The nickname, Surface, came after an incident at the inn where AY worked. “He waited on a young couple.

The girl was beautiful… He said, ‘honey you have a nice ass and I mean that as a complement’ the man with her was her brother”. They got into a fight and the man “pulled out a knife and cut Capon’s faces three times” (circumscribe. Com 6). Alphorns “Surface” Capons is America’s most famous gangster and founder of organized crime as modern society knows it. AY Capons became a multi-millionaire and a legend by feeding a city’s appetite for liquor, prostitution, and gambling. Capons had two different sides to him, on one hand he was a brutal killer, and on the other, a loving father and family man.

Capons had a leading role in the illegal activities that gave Chicago its reputation as a lawless city. One thing many people mistake about the mobsters of this time period is that they were Italian. This may be true for some mobsters but is very untrue when it comes to Alphorns Capons. This infamous man is 100% domestic (circumscribe. Com 1). In 1906, Ass’s father Gabriel became a citizen of the U. S. A. At home, AY and his family “would always go by their Italian names but on the outside world, they would go by their adopted American names… Alphorns became AY” (circumscribe. Com 2).

Capon’s family was a normal family; they were not dishonest, violent, or disturbed. “There was o traumatic event that hurdled their boy in to a life of crime” (circumscribe. Com 2). When AY was only 11 years old he was taught petty crimes by the Junior gang he was a part of to prepare him for more serve crimes (The Life and Times of AY Capons 9). AY later became a member of the “Forty Thief’s Juniors Gang” a Junior branch of the “Five Points Gang” (The Life and Times of AY Capons 9). When AY turned 14 he was expelled from school. Teachers in school were often not much older then the students, fights were often between faculty and students.

AY was expelled for hitting his teacher back, after being disciplined (circumscribe. Com 3). At the time AY was expelled, he was already an experienced fighter; he also learned how to use weapons. At the age of 14, AY Capons chose a life in the streets over a life in a factory (The Life and Times of AY Capons 9). AY was first introduced to gangs by a Brooklyn hoodlum, he was a friend of Giovanni Anyone) Torrid, and his name was Frankie Yale. When Capons was 16 he began helping Frankie run prostitution, gambling, and extortion businesses..

AY met one of the biggest influences in his life through Frankie, Johnny Torrid circumscribe. Com 9). Torrid was a completely new type of mobster; he single handedly transformed regular every day racketeering into more of a crime enterprise. (circumscribe. Com 4) “A young Capons learned invaluable lessons that were the foundation of the criminal empire” from Torrid (circumscribe. Com 4). At the age of 21 Capons was invited to Join Torrid in Chicago, IL. He would be a prominent voice in the “Colossal Mob” (FBI. Gob NP).. “Chicago was a town set up for corruption”, Chicago was often know as, “The wickedest city in the U.

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