The genre that I have chosen is comedy

The genre that I have chosen is comedy is comedy. The reasons for why I have chosen this genre are that I know a lot about this genre as I usually watch comedy films in my spare time, so I also enjoy it to. The aspects that make a comedy a comedy are the 1 liners, the toilet humour, people hurting themselves humour, sexual innuendos and the fact that most comedy are funny in their own little way.

Comedies are light-hearted dramas that are used to provoke laughter and amusement for the audience watching it.

The comedy genre achieves this by exaggerating the situation, the language, actions and characters.

There are many different forms of comedy including: –

Slapstick – This is comedy with broad, aggressive, physical action, including harmless or painless cruelty and violence and sight gags, e.g., a custard pie in the face, collapsing houses, a fall in the ocean, a loss of trousers or skirts, runaway crashing cars, people chases, etc.

The most recent of this type of film is Ace Ventura: Pet Detective (1993)

Verbal Comedy – This was classically typified by the cruel verbal wit of W. C. Fields, the sexual innuendo of Mae West or the verbal absurdity of dialogues in the Marx Brothers films, or later by the self-effacing, thoughtful humour of Woody Allen.

Screwball – Screwball comedies are light-hearted and romantic stories, commonly focusing on a battle of the sexes. They usually include visual gags, wacky characters, a fast-paced plot, and rapid-fire wisecracking dialogue reflecting sexual tensions and conflicts in the blossoming of a relationship (or the patching up of a marriage) for an attractive couple with on-going differences.

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Parody or Spoofs – These types comedy are usually humorous take-offs of more serious films. These types completely over exaggerate the plot, the action and especially the characters in order to have its mocking type of effect. The most recent of these types of films is Scary Movie 1 & 2, both a take off of successful horror films.

Cinematic comedy can be considered as the oldest film genre, it was ideal for the early silent films as it was dependent on visual action. The earliest comedy made was produced by the Lumiere Brothers in 1895 and was titled ‘Watering the Gardener’

There have been many comedies released over the last century the most recent releases have been: –

American pie 1 & 2

Road Trip

Scary Movie 1 & 2

Other films that fit in with this genre include: –

Shriek if you know what I did last Friday 13th

Ace Ventura

Dude, where’s my car?



The plot of comedies usually depends on the type of comedy the film, whether it being spoof comedy or screwball comedy they all differ. Although there are a few similarities, all comedies use sight gags, 1 liners etc, in order to stay with that genre. Examples, Road Trip use many visual gags.


In most comedies the characters can be easily stereotyped. There is always a Cheerleader or Captain of a football team, there is always a Dumb Blonde who never gets the jokes and there is always a Sexually Frustrated Geek. Occasionally, the comedy genres add a Goth or Rocker or someone of an alternative scene into a film. Examples Scary Movie and Can’t Hardly Wait.


The way in which the story is told revolves around the 1 liners, the sexual innuendos etc


The stars that are most likely to be associated with this genre are: – Charlie Chaplin, Harry Lloyd and Buster Keaton and a more recent actor Seann William Scott etc.

The 2 film covers above are American Pie 2 and Scary Movie. American Pie 2 and Scary Movie have many differences, the most obvious of which is that American Pie 2 has some relation to Screwball comedies and Scary Movie has relation to Parody or Spoof comedies. Whilst American Pie 2 exaggerates aspects of the film, Scary Movie overly exaggerates the film mocking most slasher movies, i.e. Scream, I Know What You Did Last Summer etc.

The Films both rely on visual gags, but Scary Movie uses much more of them to add to its mocking tone. Soundtracks, American Pie 2 uses a romantic sort of soundtrack whilst Scary Movie uses a more haunting soundtrack in order to stay as a parody of slasher films.

In similarities, both American Pie 2 and Scary Movie have the stereotypical characters of the comedy drama; there is the Cheerleader Buffy in Scary Movie and Captain of the team Oz in American Pie, there are the sexually frustrated geeks, Jim and Bobby.

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The genre that I have chosen is comedy
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