Terminator and the Matrix

The dictionary term for stereotyping is ‘a fixed image or idea of a type of person or thing that is widely held’. Stereotyping was very popular towards women before the 1980’s. This was called sexism. Women were treated very badly for instance there was talk of a ‘glass ceiling’, this was a term used to describe how women were prevented to reach top positions.

Stereotyping can be used in a number of ways. One way was in films, such as ‘Legally Blond’ and ‘Miss Congeniality’.

The act of stereotyping in the film ‘Legally Blond’ is when a woman is portrayed as a ‘Barbie doll’. Then takes advantage of her looks and uses it to get what she wants. Soon after she was finally, respected or her brain than her choice of style. However ‘Miss Congeniality’ is known for a different and unexpected type of stereotyping. This time the main character was shown quite manly. Subsequently she went through a process of becoming very feminine.

Those films prove that it might be difficult but woman can do practically anything that men can do.

In both films the ‘Terminator’ and the ‘Matrix’ stereotyping has been used frequently and very blatantly. For instance in the film ‘Terminator’, Sarah Connor is represented as a typical girlish woman. This is revealed the audience when her only outfits are mostly pink. In contrast to Sarah, Trinity has been represented stereotypically as well, however in the complete opposite of Sarah Connor. For example she has been shown very manly and heroic, this through the CGI which makes trinity perform special powers.

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Also the choice of Trinity’s name is ironic because it is quite feminine, which would be given to someone who is very womanly. Whereas at the, beginning of the film Trinity comes across as a dark and mysterious person. This is given away in different aspects of he the film such as in the intro the soundtrack is very tense and wiry. The director also made the music fast and high tuned during the chase scene between Trinity and Mr Smith. This emphasises the fact that there is action going on. The effect of this can let the viewers really feel and imagine what Trinity is thinking and doing.

Following a different area of the film the lighting reveals a lot about Trinity’s personality. When introducing the film it is very dark and spooky with a few spot lights from the policemen’s torches. This achieves the introduction of Trinity to be very dark and tense. It also gives the setting a very scary atmosphere; this edges the reader to anticipate what, might happen next. The lighting, as well, is very dim in the first shot of her. This shows Trinity to be androgynous; it creates a sense of mystery to what sex she is. And as it changes to a close up shot of Trinity confirms that she is a woman. It also reveals in that scene that she is calm and in control, even though there was many police men with guns right behind her.

However she still seems to be androgynous through her choice of costume and make up. For instance in a shot of Trinity she is wearing a P.V.C, black cat suit which represents her strength and power. This is also expressed from the bold, strong colour of her black clothes. Even when she goes out, other than wearing a dress, she still dresses down by wearing the same colours and no jewellery. This gives the audience an impression of how mature, independent and strong she is. She is, coincidently as the men around her, this shows the director wanted to present that Trinity is no different to any one else. Her natural use of make-up portrays her as a man, such as the way she always has her hair tied back even in a club. This explains to us that she doesn’t look like she’s trying to impress or attract any one. I think the director did this whole plain look of Trinity to make people see how different women have different qualities.

The special effects used in the ‘Matrix’ lets Trinity seem very heroic. This done through CGI, computer generate imagery. One example of this is when she could jump a long distance, from one building to another. The CGI used in this is demonstrating that gravity has no effect on trinity. Whereas the police men chasing after her didn’t even try to imitate trinity because they knew it was impossible. This proves that Trinity has the ability to do skills that men can’t do, let alone skills that are ridiculously not possible to humans. Therefore she is superhuman. For instance Trinity uses her own powers instead of using and relying on guns, which is a contrast to the policemen. This gives the viewers an impression that women can be stronger than men. Another way that showed Trinity to be heroic is when Trinity manages to get out of a situation when she was about to give up. By persuading and forcing her to overcome her fear and carry on. This will most likely inspire women all over the world to be just like her.

On the other hand Sarah is a complete different character to Trinity. This time, Sarah has been shown different in ways that are quite sexiest. Starting of with the soundtrack, this was very gentle in the introduction of Sarah Connor. I think the director did this so that Sarah can come across very innocent and sweet almost like a child. However as the viewer gets into the film the music changes into heart beat sound while Sarah walks outside by herself at night. This gives a tense atmosphere and makes you feel as if something is going to happen. We also get the sense that Sarah feels the same, that’s why she went into a night club. Coincidently it has a lot of people in it. The atmosphere in the club was very jumpy. It had fast music and flashing lights which reveals how desperate Sarah might have felt. The fact that she has to go to a club shows she doesn’t have enough confidence and the ability to defend herself. Therefore she is exposed to be a helpless victim. However she also shows some intelligence because Sarah probably knew that whoever’s behind her has a less chance of capturing her in a crowed place.

I think the director used the lighting to make Sarah seem even more ladylike. For instance, in one scene as she goes to work the lighting is very bright and sunny. Also the music almost sounds like s harmony. This emphasises Sarah’s feminist side. The director’s decision of clothing is very such as in her job, the colours used in Sarah’s outfits are very feminine. She constantly wears pink for instance the first shot of her is in a soft pink jacket. This gives the impression of Sarah gentle, calm and soft. Her uniform is quite skimpy and pink as well, which is not a unisex colour therefore the job of waiting in a fast food restaurant was often only meant for women also that Sarah doesn’t mind. Finally her nightgown has cartoon characters, of the ‘Jetsons’, on it. This tells us that she is immature and childlike. Plus she uses a lot of make-up. I know this from a scene where he adds on more make-up no top of the make-up she already has on just because she is going out. The whole image of he was down so that she portrayed as a dome blond. Since this was made in the 1980’s I think women were preceded that way.

I n Sarah’s case no special effects were used this demonstrate that she is ordinary, normal and just like us. However there were different ways in showing what Sarah is like. In the scene where Sarah is in a night club she tries to call someone. I suppose the phone symbolises how scared she is and how frantic she is for help. Also the scene before she goes to work she talks to a statue, this stresses the point that she is very juvenile and babyish.

If we compare the two we find out that they both conflict each other. And they both represent their character in different ways, for instance Trinity is shown to be very independent and strong. Such as in a scene a police man is being patronises towards Trinity by saying ‘what’s one little girl going to do’. This is ironic because later on Trinity manages to defend herself. By attacking about half a dozen police men, which each had a gun, and out run them to. Also in the club scene, when Trinity meets Neo, Neo is shocked to find out that Trinity was actually a girl. This is made known when he says ‘you’re Trinity?’ This is stereotyping Trinity’s abilities, which reveals that Neo is quiet sexist, that he thinks only a job like cracking into computers is done by men.

Sarah’s character can be known in the scene where her boyfriend cancelled on her up but yet she didn’t react like an upset girlfriend would do, this shows a weakness to her personality that she is too lenient. It also seems like they both live in parallel worlds. This highlights the point of how the world has changed from 1980 to the 1990’s. And how it has grown from women being stereotyped to them gaining the rights they deserve.

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Terminator and the Matrix
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