Art Teaching Methods

Teaching Methods: Visual and Performing Arts Research Report

Arts traditionally played an important role in the life of the human society. Naturally, it could not fail to affect education. As a result, nowadays the necessity to implement arts in the process of education is getting to be evident. In such a situation, it is necessary to apply a variety of teaching methods which basic elements and principles of arts are integrated into. Regarding this paper the possible implementation of art, its principles and elements in the educating of the 3rd-grade students will be discussed.

In this respect, it is possible to recommend such methods as:

Art projects as well as it is possible to involve students in the art by regularly showing them some outstanding pieces of art. The latter may be quite efficient since when students regularly see works of outstanding artists of different genres, they not simply perceive and absorb elements of art that may be found in a portrait for instance, but they learn to understand it.

On the other hand, it is also possible to implement art in the classroom. For instance, it is possible to ask students to write a kind of reaction paper on the paintings they’ve just watched or compare some of them. Or else, they may also attempt to project what the paintings and basic elements of art on a literary work. For instance, it is possible to find common art elements for a painting and a literary work, such as value.

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At the same time, paintings produce a certain impression due to color, line, shape, form, texture, space which form the general picture within students’ mind and help them properly understand and perceive a piece of art. At the same time, in order to increase visualization and affect practically all senses it is possible to recommend to develop art projects which initially could simply be drawings reflecting the events or the main characters of the story discussed, for instance, or else it is possible to ask students to find parallels between the material they learn in the classroom and some painting. Such a comparison can help students better understand basic principles of art, such as balance, contrast, proportion, unity, etc., which are also extremely important and may be applied not only in art but in traditional subjects such as math or physics, where the notions of balance, proportion, or unity are also very important.

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Thus, it is necessary to emphasize that the implementation of the two methods and integration of art in the teaching process would stimulate the development and positive perception of the basic principles of arts by students. On the other hand, along with positive emotions of students, the implementation of the two methods would stimulate students’ creative thinking that is obviously positive from both artistic and teaching points of view. At the same time, it is necessary to remember that integrating art in learning process stimulates creative thinking. In fact, creative thinking is an essential condition for creation even a drawing, and certainly for evaluation of a painting and its comparison for a literary work, for instance. Anyway, art, being implemented in teaching using the methods mentioned above, unquestionably contribute to the development of students’ aesthetic views. In other words, it accommodates students to the world of beautiful, perfect and highly cultural substances.

Moreover, the implementation of the methods suggested above can be easily projected on different subjects and students could enjoy them in a different situation. For instance, both role play and drawing can be equally successfully used in literature and history lesson, for example, when characters from a literary story can be substituted by real historical figures in role play, or may also be presented in visual form using drawing. The same may be said about any other subject since the methods are to a certain extent universal, and visualization is essential in any subject.

Finally, it is necessary to underline that the two methods suggested in this paper may be easily applied in the classroom for the third-grade students since it corresponds to their level of cognitive, psychological, and socio-cultural development. In fact, it is quite interesting for the students at this stage not only to learn the material of a subject but also reveal the new world of art, which had great masterpieces and long history. At the same time, they also learn basic art elements and principles which may be applied in different subjects.

Thus, taking into account all above mentioned, it is possible to conclude that it is extremely important to implement art in the learning process. This implies the development of teaching methods that could contribute to the integration of art in students’ learning. In such a situation visual and performing art, such as theatrical role play and drawing seem to be quite efficient, especially at early stages of students development. In this respect, it is of paramount importance to start the implementation of these methods, as well as other similar methods, at possibly younger age so that the students could get used to such a combination of learning and art. As a result, the basic elements and principles of art would be naturally perceived by students and the learning process would be much easier than if there were no link to arts.

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