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Choosing a major to pursue in college is never easy. Most of my friends advise me to take up management or something that could guarantee a brighter future. And by ‘brighter’ they often mean higher pay. Unfortunately, most of the people from where I come from equate one’s financial standing to success. It is as if you can never be considered successful if you are not earning more than the average person.

But then my mom always told me to listen to the dictates of my heart.

And, so I did. While many people may not look at a career in education as anything worthwhile, I do believe it is the most noble thing to do. After all, without good and compassionate teachers, there will be no doctors, lawyers, engineers, architects, and even bricklayers and welders. People learn the things they are good at from other people. I would like to believe that this is the very essence of education – learning from someone so that you will become a much better person.

I am familiar with the ambivalence that youngsters have early in their lives. I intend to become not only a good teacher to young people. I also want to be their second parent, confidant, and friend. Students do not only need to learn concepts, memorize facts, and apply theories. They should also develop the other aspects of their being.

Making a positive impact in the lives of young people can also have a positive effect on society. They get inspired and motivated to do their best.

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They will stay away from unscrupulous activities and other actions that can bring them harm. If we can have a few generations of good people, I can already imagine the kind of world that we all can live in.

Role modeling is the key to ensuring that these youngsters will realize their potential. I have to act in a way that will encourage, motivate, and inspire my students.

An education degree will give me the correct tools to help young people learn. From proven teaching methods to resolving student or pupil issues and many more, I can be the lighthouse at the harbor in these youngsters’ lives.

My coming from a different culture can be both a blessing and a curse. There will always be people who do not understand certain aspects of our cultural and value belief systems. They may look down on us with the same contempt that they may show people whom they dislike. However, I will have to be steadfast in my beliefs.

One good thing I have learned ever since I came to the US is that there are more people who have open minds. They are aware of the multicultural nature of the country as well as the growing number of institutions promoting a multicultural atmosphere. This will give me the chance to share my knowledge of my own culture, while also learning about the culture of others.

The UM’s community of scholars is a great venue for cultural discovery. I can share my experiences and hope that others will pick up a learning point or two. At the same time, I can also benefit from what other scholars have to share. This can make me a better person and a more dedicated educator in the future.

As I already said, sometimes, the most valuable lessons we learn in life are not those that come from the classroom. In many instances, it is the experiences that people have that can make a whole lot of difference in others’ lives. We only need to create an atmosphere of mutual acceptance and respect.

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