System Analysis And Design Proposal

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The University of Southern Mindanao, Cabana, North Catboat is one of the leading institution that conducts regular faculty performance evaluation. This activity is done every semester wherein each student has to rate his teacher per subject, head of the academic office has to rate his subordinates, and faculty itself has to rate his own and his co-faculty.

Teachers are one of the backbones of an institution. Their effort, skills and perseverance aid on molding the students to become successful in their desired field.

Some people will conclude that if a student will excel in his field, ill graduate with flying colors and will successfully pass the nationwide or international exam, one factor that influences it is the teacher. Thus, some said that it is still depend on the student’s ability and determination.

Teacher’s performances are sometimes criticized not only by the co-teachers, but by the students as well, because they are the direct contact of the teachers. However, those Judgments cannot be considered true without proper basis.

System Analysis And Design Proposal

Thus, every academic institution nowadays conducted the faculty performance evaluation to assess the effectiveness of the teaching personnel. A manual teacher evaluation system is difficult and hard to automatically furnish accurate reports and results. The process takes a lot of time and it takes many days or months to compute for the result.

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The HARM officer and its staff which are the prime movers of this activity made a significant improvement in handling this type of problems.

In this case, it will eliminate some of the most delay operation and difficult task, minimizing them in to smaller and manageable problems to solve. The HARM has greatly improved work efficiency, accuracy and management of operations. Teacher evaluation system defines a system to support high and technological automated evaluation system. It provides feedbacks and a support system that will encourage teachers to improve their knowledge and instructional skills in order to improve student learning. SCOPE The said entity is not as ambitious as it is.

It will mainly focus on the teacher’s personal information, student’s objective feedback about the teacher’s performance and effectiveness and assessment. This activity is done every semester wherein each student has to rate their teacher itself has to rate his own and his co-faculty. The said activity also involves the following processes: manipulation of the gathered data, interpretation, evaluation and dissemination of the result to the faculties and instructors. ANALYSIS OF THE CURRENT SYSTEM The manual process takes a lot of time and it takes many days or months to compute for the result.

The student rater in this activity will be given sheets of paper and by the use of pen, selects one numerical scale that would serve as the grade of the rate per question. The HARM personnel will wait for the submission of all students in a retain classroom and will proceed to the next available students in a room. The scenario will be repeated to comply with the desired number of students raters. As to the head of academic office, he has to give to his subordinates the performance evaluation sheets for peer and for self.

The said process shows how sluggish it was. The process is also prone to errors due to hectic schedules of the heads and faculty; they may neglect the forms that will cause the delay and misplaced or lost data that will lead to incorrect manipulation and miscommunication. PROBLEM CAUSE – EFFECT ANALYSIS Problems Cause and Effect Time consumed on processing the evaluation The manual process on using a sheets of paper and by the use of pen cause a delay. Prone to errors Due to many numbers of evaluation sheets the tendency is miscommunication.

Misplaced forms Due to sluggish process the tendency is some evaluation forms may be lost and misplaced. Delayed computation Due to hectic schedules of heads and faculty the result of computation may delay. System Objects System Constraint Lessen the time consumed on evaluation process The student will no longer using paper and pen, instead they will directly evaluate on the given automated evaluation system. Eradicate errors A user-friendly evaluation system will be implemented for the ease of students, heads, faculties and comfort ability of the system.

File security Only the head of academic can access the files with a given surname and password. Generate comprehensive reports Reports are automatically generated from the system. Background Information Automated evaluation system is one big factor that helps not only students but also the HARM, teachers, and co-teachers to ease their waiting and sluggish period in arms of evaluation. Evaluation process with the use of pens and papers only is not an easy task for the HARM to handle. The scenario will be repeated as it goes. Manual evaluation system is a laborious task.

It requires more time for processing and the mere fact that it is slow, affecting work efficiency; another thing would be its accuracy in processing while in the automated system, the officer in-charge will be the one to access the files using surnames and passwords. This process of manual results and reports. The researchers come up to an automated evaluation system. USER EXPECTATIONS & OBJECTIVES This document aims to present a clearer description of the requirements and desires of the evaluation system. It shows the features, functionalities and flows and how the system will work.

The proposed system will try to eliminate the delay operation and inconvenience of the old manual operation. It will try to lessen the time consumed in evaluation process wherein the HARM officers in charge will no longer wait for a long time for the submission of faculties and student’s evaluation forms before proceeding to the next room or office. In this proposed system, the target user will directly input his/her taints in a ready to use and simple interfaced forms of the proposed system and with this, they will no longer use pens and papers to evaluate their teachers and as well as the teachers to their own and co-teachers.

The system also assures that only the in charged HARM officer has the access and authority to view all the data’s gathered to keep its confidentiality and secrecy through a given surname and password. Techniques Used to Solve the Problem The techniques that we used in order for us to solve the problems are the following: Analyze the system operations of the given problem for us to understand he cause and effect of the problem, and the possible solutions.

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