According to the study made by me, HLL has basic problems but which have to be dealt with planned strategy. Now we got to see where the problem lies, looking at the market itself will give us a lot of ideas, India is a developing nation with a massive population where majority areas are rural and people living in there are uneducated, moreover to get to these customers is very difficult as the mode of transport to these people are difficult and time taking.

In that kind of situation a large company like HLL needs to think over a plan of action where the flow of their products is consistent and is being bought through effective marketing.

Here manpower needed for the task is huge at hand and needs to be taken care of, this brings in a newer problem where people can’t be employed from one area and made to work in these different rural areas, the reason being that every state in India speaks a different language, therefore employees of the same area need to be employed.

The fact that the task is massive gives a lot of pressure on the company, here the human resource, marketing representatives etc. are required to pull in together to get to a proper liable solution.

Let us see the main important problem and also what plan can be used to deal with this problem. The first problem identified by me is that the company is facing problems to train the employees in the rural areas as they are far to reach and sending people to train is becoming expensive.

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Moreover as of now the company has still covered up only 12 states and so there are more states to cover, as India consists of 28 states. So the rest of the 16 states have to be yet penetrated. With every state speaking different languages it becomes difficult for personnel from one place to go and communicate with them.

Swot Analysis Of Hul

Knowing culture is a big part of assistance that is needed to know. Now the problem here is that the Shakti project aims at recruiting women as a social achievement. But it comes with a great price as the remote rural culture believes that women are not supposed to work or carry out business, this would result in a chaos among the society which will be against the company’s interest, moreover overcoming such a problem will make the company take more drastic steps to do better.

If we go to look at the other kind of problem that HLL face, than we come to know that transport is a big issue for them as the reach to the inner most areas of some villages is difficult by large vehicles and other means of transport needs to be used which is more time consuming. The lack of training that the employees have are one of the major problems that the company will face as the motive is to keep the customers consistent, therefore making the situation more tuff as the employees working with the company are not trained well enough or in other words are not shown the importance of who they represent.

The motivation level of the employee will die soon if the sale is not good enough this would make it very difficult for the company which is HLL to keep hiring new staff and training them which would be very devastating. Now as we know what all the problems are that HLL faces we need to see as to what solutions are very much reliable that can be made use of and what tools could we use to make this problem non-existent.

As we see the clear problem of the statement is that training is needed for the employees and so the part of the responsibility is of the human resource. Moreover information technology is very important in this kind of a situation as the method of training staff becomes easy and education or information is passed on more smoothly and efficiently. As we see now the concept of the problem and its solution is very much connected, we only have to see how to analyse the situation. We got to take the following analysis

Although, rural areas in India have a very small idea about technology and it’s growth, we have to see how is the use of such information going to help solve a problem of transport and also expense of training, so therefore the first plan is to use information systems that can improve the overall performance of the organization and its employees, by doing so we would be able to improve the level of communication from the company to the employees in the rural areas, by installing computer hubs in the rural areas at the entrepreneur’s location where the people under the entrepreneur would be able to get any kind of information that they need.

Law education, health and safety education, and much more which will be a very good objective to make sure the employees are well aware of what is right and wrong by law. More over this IT information can also be used to train employees without sending the trainers to the rural areas directly. With the use of Skype and other forms of internet faced live conversations, where video chat is free of charge and the training can be done from the company itself through a aim of knowing what problems the employees face’s, by which the company will be able to look at situations where they can help improve the situation and also improve their sales.

More effective trainings can be done through distribution of video cd’s or DVD’s, in which the complete system of training would be visually done to keep the employees up to date and more motivated. This would then help employees become more efficient in their work and the cost for all of it would not be too much. The second plan would be segmenting the customers by age, sex, income levels and so on by this a clear picture will be portrayed and what has to be done.

In rural villages in India the majority of the people are family oriented and have a huge number of family members, so we would have to look at the number of people majority in the age groups and also take in account how the income level is as the product has to be to the comfort of the people buying it. After looking into this we could than make an assumption whether or not a particular product would be advisable to sell there or not, or also find the idea as to how many products a bought at an average every day and on this making a thorough note.

The third analytical plan is the method of motivating training your staff, which would be more of the human resource side, this is very much important as the employees that the companies are dealing with are not very educated in the field of the work they do so they would need a lot of guidance and help from the human resource team making them fell important and part of the company rather than just middle men doing their job for the third party.

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