The Short Story “Sun Poisoning”

The following example essay on “The short story Sun poisoning” is an analysis of a work in which is about a couple, whom we never get a name for, hat is going on a vacation to Haiti after the boyfriend has finished an art show in New York and decides that both of them need to get away.

The current belief of postmodernism Is that a correct and precise description of reality Is Impossible. The truth, said by Unlatched, Is Limited and constantly evolving.

There Is a focus on the deconstruction and fragmentation of novels, paintings and general art and because of that, it is nearly impossible to give a clear definition of the term “post-modernism”.

The story focuses on the girlfriend who isn’t too happy about going on vacation because she thinks that It Is a lot more hard work than just staying at home. The girlfriend complains a lot about the food and general location of their hotel and Is not really pleased with their vacation.

One day her boyfriend falls Ill and sleeps all day and the girlfriend Is mad at him for leaving her alone, but the next day, when they are about to eat dinner, the relined falls ill herself and has been sun poisoned from laying on the beach too much and for the rest of the vacation she has to wear long pants, shirts, a cap and shoes and she can barely walk three steps without her body burning. The story end with an ironic note about the, in the girlfriends eyes, crappy three man band that only knows two song.

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Characterization The girlfriend We do not get a name for her, nor do we get an exact age, but I would think that she is around the late twenties or early thirties because she has a boyfriend, not a husband and because she cares a lot about how she looks. She is a woman who eels out of place In her body. She Is the protagonist of the short story and Is very negative. She doesn’t really get the whole female thing with waxing ones legs and removing body oils and then spreading different oils all over one’s body.

Since you are kind of reading the woman’s thoughts in the short story you can tell that she is very ironic. 4 She does not like talking to new people as she drags her boyfriend away from Michael and Linda; a couple they met when they saw a bush fire on the other side of the bay. The boyfriend We do not get a lot of information about the boyfriend in the short story but he mess a lot more optimistic than his girlfriend. He is the antagonist of the short story. He is a painter, an artist, who Just had a show in New York and needed to get away.

He is creative and has a sense of humor and takes good care of his girlfriends Analysis The setting of the short story Is partly In New York, when they are getting ready and In Halt when they are on vacation The story Is written In a Second person narrative’ seeing as the pronoun “you” is used frequently to describe the plot of the story and Girlfriend and her inner self and the problems and conflicts she has inside, as she goes not feel comfortable in her female body. She feels like she doesn’t belong in her body and would much rather be a man, because she thinks that it would be a lot easier.

The language and form of the short story is very fragmented and very much like a stream of consciousness from the main characters point of view. Fragmentation is also an important trait in post-modernism. Interpretation You can interpret the woman as to having an identity crisis, which many people had in the eighties because of the new form of industrialization caused by MET, the origin of music videos and there became a lot more focus on ones appearance and body. The androgynous look came in to fashion and it developed a more blurry line between the two sexes.

The woman in the short story does not feel “at home” in her own body as a female and would much rather be a man because it seems like less of a hassle. She feels as if her female appearance is a faded . Putting the text into perspective As seen in the poem “Interferer” by Susan Hamlin, seen on our curriculum. The truth is unstable. The main person in the poem sends a virtual bouquet of flowers and it depicts the fragmentation of the world and the new industrialization. Conclusion

Post-modernism comes to a strange conclusion that; We can image things that do not physically exist We cannot image things that do physically exist. Therefore to summarize; The text “Sun poisoning” gives a view of reality by ONE woman who has her doubts about who she is. She imagines things about herself that do not physically exist, her doubt, her sex, her identity. Post-modernism tries to “break up” with the traits of modernism; the feeling of the big city and the industrialization. In post-modernism there is a universal truth that is open for interpretation and re-interpretation. The truth simply becomes unstable.

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The Short Story “Sun Poisoning”
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