Looking through the e historical lens and psychoanalytical lens the Wilshire Bus, by Hisses Hammock is really about racism. The Wilshire Bus , written by Hisses Hammock in 1950 deals with Esther Karaoke, a Supernumeraries woman, who is on the way to the hospital in Los Angles o n a Wednesday. It tells of her thoughts, feelings and reaction to the harassment of the Chinese American couple behind her on the bus, by a drunken American. Esther is on the “Wilshire Bus” and aims to visit her husband, who suffers backpack from a war injury in a hospital, each Weed assayed.

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A man, who she notices and classifies as a association enters the bus, grumbles ABA UT the prices and takes a seat behind her. At the next stop a Chinese couple enter the bus. Both the women and her husband, who have problems speaking English, sit down next to and across FRR mom Esther respectively.

When the bus carries on driving the man, sitting behind her, star TTS to grouch about a man of the local sporting world, who is quite miserable and is investing some money in the buildings they pass.

After the drunken man said that, the investor wouldn’t give anything to the Chi Nines, addressing the couple, the elderly women turns round and looks at the man, who starts addressing and offending the women directly, on grounds of her ethnic bell inning. While the man sakes jokes at the man’s English, at their race and at their country, Esther sat arts thinking about her race, whether the Japanese are something better and whether the man o fends her as well.

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Disappointed by herself about her thoughts, she remembers an old man, who was proud to be Chinese and arrives finally at the conclusion that she is proud to be Japanese t 00, but isn’t able to express it. Finally the man leaves the bus, prior to that he has asked the Chine SE to leave, and another man stands up, apologizes for the man’s behavior and states that eve robbery is welcome in the melting. Esther gets off at the next station and when she arrives at h ere husband’s bed she breaks out crying. Racism is an act Of discrimination and prejudice based upon social and biology differences.

It is a topic that most people would like to put in the closet and hi De for a few thousand years. If you think it has not changed over the years, look to the Civic I Rights movement where all African Americans demanded their rights, before that period they w ere still ignored, even after the end of slavery. Now with a partially black president we can see how much that this issue has really dissolved over the years. Sure their are still those such as he UK Klux Klan that are still ‘active’ and want nothing more than to get rid of anybody differed NT they see, but that’s just a small group.

Many people are tolerant and have begun to accept race and ethnicity. For example, America voted for a partially black president, even twenty years ago this would not be possible, nobody would have even thought about a black president ever. N owe things have changed for the better. We are more accepting as a country. This story is a perfect example of how racism exists today. In this story we ha d a soldier who served in a war. After effectively uncovering the roots of his background,

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