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An Integrated ACLC Enlistment with Student Tracking and Printer Support CHAPTER 1 Introduction: .A computer is an electronic device that executes the instructions in a program. It is a device that accepts information and manipulates for some result based on a program or sequence of instructions on how the data is to be processed. It is a programmable machine designed to sequentially and automatically carry out a sequence of logical operations. The particular sequence of operations can be changed readily, allowing the computer to solve more than one kind of problem.

An important class of computer operations on some computing platforms is the accepting of input from human operators and the output of results formatted for human consumption. The interface between the computer and the human operator is known as the user interface. The breakthrough of the computer was the great function of modernity for different software application to make work easier, more capable, and more adaptable for the people. It has brought a new level of knowledge that became the new standard in the industry.

It made the school works more efficient for students and provided path to communicate to entire school.

At the moment, computer based system is commonly used by every universities and colleges. Numerous universities and colleges tender an excellent education but it is undeniably noticeable that not all these universities or colleges provide a good enlistment system. Problems and difficulties take place from each enlistment process, hence leading to minor errors and inaccuracy. For example, the incorrect information of a student or as a whole the slow manual enlistment system that even staffs finds difficulties in managing it.

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Enlistment is more than just a word itself, because for many students and parents, it describes sacrifices, hunger, dilemma, and long hours of waiting, effort and money. The ACLC-Ormoc is one of the computer schools in Ormoc, which educate their students into a different type of studies that are correlated to computer. There are many courses that this school offers. Like HRS, ACT, BOAS, BSCS, and BSIT. In Ormoc city, ACLC is one of the famous schools that many newly high school graduates from all over the province of Leyte choose to take their chosen course.

And every year, there is an increase of the number of student that enrolled on this school. ACLC-Ormoc is managed by the school director named Mr. Roger Lagarde; a hardworking man, friendly and strong-minded to extend his present way of lifestyle to a better one. Because of his hard work, he continues to run and manage their business and show his best to improve the school. Mr. Roger Lagarde loves to serve people and he is smoothly operating the school, and still moving towards worldwide competitiveness.

Even this school is a computer school, almost all the transactions are done manually. Because of this, the job of the staffs and instructors will take hours, days, weeks, and even months to finish. So they took to much time to finish their jobs. And even they haven’t finished their work; a new task will be assign to them. So it will take so much time to finish a single job. The enlistment system here in ACLC is done manually. From the assigning of subjects of each course, from enlisting of subjects in the registration form, and from verifying of subjects are done manually.

Because of this manual system the staff, instructors, and students take too long to finish those task. The manual assigning of schedules are prone to errors. The result of this error is the conflict in schedules. Where the student classes will be delay because of this error. In manual enlisting of subjects will also take time. In the registration form, students should fill up the four copies manually so it takes time. That sometimes it takes many hours to finish filling up the registration form, it depends on the speed of the student in writing.

And in the verifying the student schedules it takes many hours, it depends on the numbers of students that are enrolling on the same day. The researcher decided to make An Integrated ACLC Enlistment with Student Tracking and Printer Support because it is a good example of a computer generated development. This can lessen the workload and provides accurate information needed of the school as a result; it will benefit not only the student but the administration as a whole. This system is the design system use to enlist students whether old or new student in ACLC-Ormoc.

It is use in creating subjects, making schedules for student/s and assigning schedule for the instructors, and use to record the students profile or information. It can also track student information about their grades and it can provide Transcript of Record or TOR. It is intentional for the school with a small or medium sized of students population. It have objectives or purposes, first is that it helps the school to lessen the workload, both the student and the staff that has an authority to access the system.

Second, it is use to provide accurate information of student as the enlistment primary need. Third, this system will avoid conflict of the student’s schedule and instructor’s schedule. Fourth, to create a system that is locally connected with in the network. Fifth, is to remove the manual writing of schedules and student information in the registration form. And lastly, is to be able to design and implement a validation paper after the students enlist, regarding their class and subject schedules. In this system we can avoid the errors and conflicts in schedules.

Because the computer will test if the assign schedules are conflict with the other schedules that are already save in the database. Because of this system, start class will be started on time. And also human error will lessen or will be avoided. We can also lessen the workload of the staffs and the students. Students won’t take time to fill up the registration form anymore. Because after enlisting the subjects using the system, student will be given the printed copy of their registration form. With there printed registration form, their schedule are also printed with it.

It won’t take hours to have a printed copy of the schedule. It only need a few minutes to finish printing there registration form. With these systems, students won’t waste their time to fill up their registration form and they won’t wait hours to verify their enlisted subjects because after paying in the cashier, the staff that is assigns to verify their schedule won’t take time to verify the schedules and also the student will also be given a validation paper. The various functions are separated into modules. In this study, the researcher used a PHP scripting language, running on a XAMPPLITE.

It is a free and open source cross-platform web server solution stack package, consisting mainly of the Apache HTTP Server, MySQL database, and interpreters for scripts written in the PHP and Perl programming languages. Also provides support for creating and manipulating databases in MySQL and SQLite among others. Theoretical or Conceptual Framework Statement of the Problem ACLC-Ormoc is using a manual system in almost all of their transaction. Just like in their Enlistment system they are using a manual system.

From the creating of subjects and assigning the appropriate subjects for each course, from assigning of schedules for each subject, from enlisting of subjects in the registration form, and from verifying of subjects are done manually. Using a manual system just like in the ACLC-Ormoc is a shame for a computer school. So to make a stand for being a computer school, ACLC-Ormoc should use a computerize system so that other people could say that this school is a great school because of it’s computerize system that they are standing for its name as a computer school.

And using a computerize system it can avoid problems that have been encountered for many years of existence of ACLC-Ormoc. ACLC-Ormoc encountered many problems in using a manual system. Assigning of the student number for each student has a possibility that the student number will be used by other student. Assigning of student number is also manually assigned by the registrar. Each student has its own unique student number. That his/her student number is for him/her for ever but because of many years that will pass, there is a possibility that the student number will be used after many years because it is manually made.

Because of the manual system the staff, instructors, and students take their time to finish their task. The manual assigning of schedules are prone to errors. It is because the registrar can’t avoid making errors because of hundreds of schedules that are needed to assign. The result of this error is the conflict in schedules and conflict in the room available. Where the student classes will be delay because of this error. In writing the schedule of the students in the registration form is also a problem, it is because the students should fill up the four copies manually so it takes time.

That sometimes it takes many hours to finish filling up the registration form, it depends on the speed of the student in writing. The student also has to stand in front of the bulletin board so that the student can copy his/her schedules that it can make the student uncomfortable of his/her condition. There is a possibility that a student can enroll subjects that he/she has not yet finish the prerequisite of the subjects that has a prerequisite. This is because the finish subjects of the student are manually imputed.

So there is a high risk that the grade of the subject will not be properly imputed or it will not be imputed at all because of human error. For the enlisting of the subject of student will take time. It depends on the number of the student that will enroll in the same day. Because the staff that is assigned to enlist the subjects of the student should enlist the subjects one by one that sometimes it will takes forever to finish the enlisting of the subject of the student.

There is a possibility that the schedule of the student will not be recorded because of human error. In tracking the record of the student will also be a problem because there is a time that the registrar has too much work to do that she can’t entertain student request. So because the registrar is the only one who can search the records of the student, he/she should wait for the time that the registrar will be free that he/she can entertain the student. Hypotheses of the Study

A computerized system like the Integrated ACLC Enlistment with Student Tracking and Printer Support will be useful if it will be used in the future. This system will be the center of attraction in the future. All the staff, instructor, and student will be benefited with this system. A system like this is a big achievement for this school and for the researcher. This will be the stepping stone to a brighter future for this school. This system can help the school regarding in the speed of the transaction. That student won’t waste there whole day to enroll in this school.

For the registrar that is benefited with this system it can help her to finish her job faster and she can assign a schedule that is more accurate and it can help to make the job of the staff faster and easier. This system can also help both the registrar and the student because the student won’t wait the time of the registrar where she will be free so that he/she can inquire about his/her records and the registrar can focus on her job because she will not be disturb by the student for the inquiry of their records. And ith this system it can help the student to make their enrolment time much easier and comfortable. As the contradiction of the proposed system, this system can’t help the student, registrar and staff of ACLC-Ormoc. This system will make the job of the registrar and other staff to more complicated and it will be a headache for those person mentioned earlier. This system is useless and good as junk. Basic Assumptions of the Study An Integrated ACLC Enlistment with Student Tracking and Printer Support are the proposed system of the researcher.

This system will help the school to claim its name as a computer school. As a computer school, it is right to have a computerized system so that the school can attract new student to enroll in ACLC-Ormoc because when the student saw the computerized system he/she will be amazed about the system that he/she will bear on his/her mind that I want to make a system like this or a system that is greater than this. The student will think that I can make a system with the help of this school.

With this system, student that is already enrolled in this school will be amazed that the school where he/she enrolled has already a computerized system just like the other universities in the Philippines. With this system the researcher would assume that the registrar will play her rule that she will give the researcher the exact data needed by the researcher. There will be no changes on the procedure of enlisting of subjects as the study is on going. This system will be used in the future. This system can give the expectations of the student, registrar, and staff.

The researcher would like to assume that this system will make the task of the instructor, staff, registrar, and student easier and faster. The student of ACLC-Ormoc would like to use this system in the future. And the researcher would like to assume that for the first time of use of this system will confuse the specific user but as the time goes on it will be easier for them to use it. Scope and Limitations of the Study In making a system is so hard to accomplish. Many problems will encounter by the researcher. Each problem will be the basis in making of the system.

But not all the problems can be use to be the basis in making a system it can also give a headache for the researcher. But to make a system that is not much complicated a scope and limitation will be implemented. So that it should not make the system so complicated that might confuse not only the researcher but also the future user of the system. This system will be implemented only in the ACLC-Ormoc campus. This is use within the local area network in the campus. Where there is a specific user that can use the system. And those people are the registrar, the specific staff, and student of ACLC-Ormoc.

Each user can only use there specific module. Other users can’t use the module of other user. Because each module has its own use that is appropriate for each user. Just like for the registrar; she has the duty to produce or give an offered subject of the student for the present semester. She only has the authority to assign a schedule for each subject. She can also assign the schedule for the instructor. The registrar and the program head are the only one that can input grades of the student. They can give the next subject that the student should enroll.

For the other staff, it can be any staff assigned in the admission office and the staff in the library. He can manage the student profile. He is the one that will accept the new enrolees and input their student information in the system. He is also the one that can print the student registration form and he can also print the validation paper. For the student, he can’t use other module rather than for student module. In the student module, he can only enlist his subjects. The student will be given a paper where his subjects for the current semester are listed.

This is where he will base his subjects to be enlisted. The student can also search for his records so that he can’t disturb the registrar for asking of his records. He can only see his records but he can’t change anything about his records. In this system online enlistment of system is not included. This is because this system is design only within the local area of the campus of ACLC-Ormoc. This system will be used in the main building of the ACLC-Ormoc. Payments of the student are not included in this system. And also information in the library is not included in this system.

This system is only for ACLC-Ormoc and only the staffs that are given permission by the school director will only use the system and the student that is enrolled in this school is the only one that can use this system. Significance of the Study Having a computerize system in a college school like ACLC-Ormoc is a plus. This is because many student will be encourage to enroll in this school and many student will be inspired to make their system that are greater with this system. But not only the student but also the instructors and staff will be encouraged to do their job.

It is because with this system enlistment process will be much easier and faster. The instructor can start his class on the given schedule because this system will avoid the conflict in the schedule. With this system the registrar and the student will be the most benefited with this system. This is because almost all the transaction in this system is focused with them. The computerized enlistment system would greatly improve the impression of the school and also helps to lessen the time of processing enrolled students.

With this system, student won’t take a day to be enrolled. This will help the student to be relaxed in enrolling in this school with the help of the system. Student will not be tired in writing the registration form and he won’t wait too long in enlisting and validating his subjects. It won’t take too much pressure to the student it is because with just a simple click of the mouse and waiting for just less than an hour for the printing of his registration form and for the validation paper, enrolment in ACLC-Ormoc is a piece of cake.

The job of the registrar will be much easier and faster. She will not be pressured in assigning the schedule for the student and instructor. She can relax in assigning the schedule because she will not think too much in assigning a schedule that she will know if the assigned schedule is conflict or not. The student won’t bother her too much about their records because the student can easily search about his lacking requirements and subjects that should be enrolled. The student can easily complain about the problems of his records.

With this system too much pressure will be avoided. Accomplishing the jobs will be easier and faster. Conflicts of schedule will be avoided. For all the users of this system can relax and will be thankful of the existence of this system. There will be accurate information and this system will lead the birth of systems that will be used in this school in the future. This will be the stepping stone for the computerized system for a computer school like ACLC-Ormoc. Definition of Terms

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