Lehigh University Business Program Registration Open.

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The application process for registering at the private school, Lehigh University, and its business program is open and rolling. Students who enroll for this online MBA program are employed. Lehigh University records and archives the classes. Applicants should know that the business graduate program at Lehigh has been accredited with the standard of accreditations for business schools.

The academic year in which this online MBA program was founded is 1993-1994. There are around 267 participants enrolled in the course. As we mentioned, the deadline is rolling and the information applicants need can be found on the admission web-site www.

lehigh.edu and the e-mail which you can find on the university’s web page.

The US rankings for this MBA online program are: score 73 and rank 128, rank 146 and score 36 for the students’ service and the technology service, rank 17 and score 89 for engagement of each student, rank 25 and score 75 for selectivity of admissions and the whole score for peer assessment is 2.8 from 5.

The applying process is open and rolling for both US residents and students who come from other countries as well.

Admissions director is Jennifer Giordano, the admissions web page is: http://lehigh.edu/mba

Lehigh Online Mba

Lehigh University gives MBAs. There are 15 instructors who come from the faculty and teach full-time on the online business graduate programs and 8 part-time faculty instructors also teaching the online MBA programs. The online classes allow for students from the campus to follow them as well.

The total number of enrolled students is 267 and the average age of the entrants is 32 years.

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There are more male than female participants, 68.9% of the participants enrolled in the course are male and 31.1% are female.

The Internet speed for theMBA course at the University is recommended to be DSL but there is no 24/7 tech live support. The response from an instructor should be expected in 24 hours.

Tuition for part-time US students and the rest of the students is $1 050 per credit. The admission notifications start coming from January 15th. The admissions standards are the same for all of the different online MBA programs. There hasn’t been a case that a well-qualified student being denied. People who live abroad can also apply for the online program but the program does not offer DANTES courses. The last numbers reported showed that from 87 applicants, 77 were accepted. There were 69 new entrants and the acceptance rate is 89%. The average GPA of the undergraduates is 3.33 and 83%of the applicants provide their GPA. The average score from the GMAT is 620 and 65% of the entrants provide the GMAT results. 100% of all the applicants are with previous working experience.

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Lehigh University Business Program Registration Open.
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