Stolen Jane Harrison Essay

Whoa I’m going- home”- Sandy 37. “Either way, I love them both”- Anne 38. “I’m finally going to meet my mother”- Jimmy 39. “And I’m goanna catch that fish”- Sandy Structure for text response Typical sentence structures (Insert evidence egg quote or event) denoting/highlighting/showing/indicating accentuating/implying/suggesting… Ins (insert point being made here) OR (Insert point being made here) is denoted/shown/demonstrated as (insert evidence here) Typical paragraph structures ) Statement made (what are you arguing) 2) Supporting evidence (how is the shown) 3) Conclusion made (what does it show).

Essay Example on Stolen Jane Harrison

Repeat this until you have four or five points to support your overall contention. Themes (And Evidence Home and Family, where is home? Anne is confused who are her real parent Abuse… What does physical and sexual abuse do? Mental health worsens. R example, evidence of trauma in Ruby Identity… Who are you? What do you stand for? For example, Jimmy’s speech in prison Mistreatment (of Aborigines)… Ruby is told to do everything, Sandy’s mum is raped, verbal buses of Jimmy, he is put in prison Escaping/Fear…

Sandy is always running away, Jimmy steals and runs Betrayal… Ruby feels betrayed, Jimmy feels betrayed Coping… Emotional trauma, stress.

Shirley is happier now that she has a granddaughter, Jimmy kills himself, and he is unable to cope. Ruby has a mental breakdown, she is unable to cope to. Jimmy and Ruby are the most obvious victims in Stolen, but all suffer in Ethel different ways.

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Discuss The physical and sexual abuse experienced by Ruby and Jimmy is obviously very visible to others.

The loss that Ruby and Jimmy suffered was a loss of dignity and to the extent that they were both unable to keep fighting “l just can’t [fight] no more” or hold on to any hope of reuniting with their families because their pain was too great ‘they stuck a knife into me heart” The children were deceived with the hopes of being cared for “matron said they guan take one of us home” and when they understood the truth they were disheartened and lost in silence ” I promised not to tell” Jimmy and Ruby both led very tragic lives by the closing scene of the play, implying that perhaps hey are the greatest sufferers because of their obvious pain.

Jimmy the playful young boy has had his heart ripped apart by the hope “I’m finally guan meet my mother of finally reconnecting with his mum and the despair of her death, and takes his own life as a melancholy prison inmate, at the end he said “I’m going now, to be with my mother” and died . Unlike Jimmy, Ruby has the chance to be with her family again, her sister said ” Sis, we’ve come to take you home” but her mental and emotional state is beyond repair after the mage done to her, ” don’t live in no home anymore” In “Ruby’s family come to visit’ it appears Ruby is inevitably set to live a lonely and disjointed life… F she continues to even have the strength or will to live. The remaining characters, Anne, Shirley and Sandy all suffer huge depths of despair, yet their suffering appears to lessen to some degree in the eyes of the viewer/reader due to their hope, determination and stability which in some ways assist them in attempting to resolve their problems and become reunited with their loved ones.

Appearing to never give up is Anne, the young girl brought up by white adoptive parents and never told of her Aboriginal family and heritage until seemingly too late ” It’s about your mother… She’s dying’ she is caught between two very different worlds, communities and families. Anne seems very stable and loved by her adoptive parents, but should they really be considered loving considering they never told Anne who she was, what her identity is, until too late. As a result she is torn apart and finds it incredibly difficult to find her place any,Inhere, ” Am I black or white”

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