Stem Cell Research Outline

Topics: Stem Cells

Playing “God” a. Human Cloning b. Helping humans live longer c. Can overpopulate society. Positive side of Stem Cell Research 1 . Cure/treat diseases a. Parkinson b. Alchemies c. Heart diseases d. Birth defects e. Spinal core Injuries f. Can play major roll in cancer g. Grow back small parts of body a. Primary source a. I. No longer baby embryos (futures) a. Ii. Adult Stem Cells a. Iii. Neural Stem Cells a. Iv. Cord Blood Stem Cells 3. Embryonic Stem Cells .

Ability to become majority of tissue and organ cells b.

Have a less chance of rejection c. Some argue it is better that fetus goes to better use Conclusion Just like any other agenda they both have their pros and cons, but it is our Job as a society to educate ourselves which of the two sides we stand on. Will we support the strive for new cures for heart disease, cancer, and various other diseases and be able to change lives.

Or will we stand in and view the morality aspect and how baby futures, and lab grown futures to be able to obtain these stem cells. I leave it up for you to decide.

Stem Cell Research Outline Stem Cell Research Outline Stem Cell Research Outline

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Stem Cell Research Outline
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