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Research Paper On Global Warming Outline Paper

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Global warming poses a serious threat for tomorrows future. We are already seeing a disturbing change in tornadoes, and weather patterns this year. This paper will focus on global warming,the impact due to human actions, and the efforts that the human race must take to stop global warming to reinstate our earth for the sake of our future generations. (Turk & Bunsen, 2011 II. Body paragraph #1 A.

Essay Example on Global Warming Outline

Greenhouse gases trap heat radiated from the Earth’s surface after it has absorbed energy from the sun, but it wasn’t until 1896 when a Swedish physicist and chemist named Savant Awareness showed that doubling the arbor dioxide content of the air would gradually raise global temperatures by 5 to 6 ‘C which was a remarkably prescient result that was virtually ignored by other scientists who were obsessed with explaining the ice ages. Global warming has been caused by an increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide from the burning of fossil fuels. Scientist now had to consider the possibility that human actions were contributing to global warming. (Turk ; Bunsen, 201 1). Ill.

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Body paragraph #2 A. Greenhouse effect is ‘the global warming of our atmosphere caused by he presence of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases, which trap the sun’s radiation. “(Turk & Bunsen, 2011, sec 7. 1). The Greenhouse gases are the main culprits of the global warming, and they are projected to keep going up.

Greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide trap heat in earth’s atmosphere and thus result in increasing the temperature of earth. The excessive emission of these gases is the major cause of global warming. ‘V. Body paragraph #3 A. The impact on global warming due to human actions.

Global warming is increased by human actions and demand on resources. The human race increases the emissions Of greenhouse gases on our atmosphere through the use of vehicles, facilities, electrical and industrial plants. The supply and demand of the human race on agriculture is another major factor in regards to global warming. Agriculture requires the use of fertilizers, gases, destruction, and clearing of our forests. Each year more and more trees are being removed to meet the global food demand.

Trees store large quantities carbon dioxide and help maintain a natural balance. Human actions have created less forest which in return means more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere for global warming. V. Body paragraph #4 A. The human race must become more conscious of their environment, and immediately start taking actions to reduce of impact on global warming.

There are many things that the human race as a whole can do to help reduce and stop global warming. First thing the human race can do is to limit the greenhouse gases and carbon dioxide in our atmosphere. Riding bikes, buses, Van, or carpooling are just a few ways we all can individually help reduce necessary emissions of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere which in return could significantly reduce the effects of global warming. VI.

Research Paper On Global Warming Outline

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