Isograms: Character Relationships in Literature

Isograms! What is it? Cardiogram is a visual representation of the relationships among characters in a literary text, which allows you to visualize the relationships and conflicts between and among the story’s characters. You will make use of pictures, symbols, shapes, colors, words (quo test) and line styles to illustrate these relationships. Follow the GU nines below carefully to construct your Cardiogram be sure to read through the entire process first so you have a good idea of what you are doing.

Remember, these are your deadlines you have room for adaptation and creativity here.

Arrange the characters on your Cardiogram according to any criteria you like: p rower? Intimacy? Affection? Likeability? Let the physical distance between characters reflect the perceived psychology cal distance between characters. Let the size of the shape representing a character vary with (a) the important e, or (b) the power of the character. ; Show the direction of a relationship by an arrow/ line, and its nature by a brief label (the lines an be creatively applied: What might the following types of lines indicate?

A j aged line? A wavy line? The thickness of the line? Etc.

) Represent substantiated relationships by a solid line and inferred relationship s by a broken line. Circle active characters with a solid line. Circle significantly absent characters with a broken line. ; REQUIRED : Create a note for each character.

Sociogram To Kill A Mockingbird

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Isograms: Character Relationships in Literature
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