Dumbing Down Of Society

Technology can be a great thing, from single tiny flash drives having more processing power than some of the oldest computers to getting humans on the Moon and rovers on Mars, technology has changed mankind and it’s a growing industry that sees no end in the future. Technology has influenced this generation greatly, making them as a whole smarter because of the millions of resources available at the click of a button, however ways technology affects this generation are not always good, technology has made this generation dumber on the individual level, not only has technology made this generation extremely dependent on technology and other people to provide new technology and information, technology has also made this generation ignorant, not knowing what it’s like to live without all this technology.

Essay Example on Dumbing Down Of Society

Technology has been a great asset to people in a modernizing world, people on different sides of the world can communicate in minutes thanks to websites like skype and facebook, however this generation has taken advantage of that fact and it made them dependent on technology to do the things it does like video chatting with friends or posting on their favorite social media site or application.

“A major downside of increased dependence on technologies is increased consequences if those technologies break down or disappear”(Jonathan Coopersmith in “Is technology making us dumber or smarter? Yes”) meaning that if the technologies of this generation break down this generation will be left helpless because we depend on technology too much in our everyday lives.

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This generation has made technology such a daily part of their lives that even classrooms in school have begun using technology, as stated by Matthew Lynch in “Do mobile devices in the classroom really improve learning outcomes?” ”In 2013, an estimated 25% of U.S. schools had BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policies in place” This means that a quarter of U.S. schools i…

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Dumbing Down Of Society
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