Slim and George in chapter 3 of Of Mice and Men

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We discover about Slim’s many qualities such as his ability to bring out the secrets of others from them. This is shown in Chapter Three in which he questions George about him and Lennie going around together. Slim’s cunningness is shown not through the dialogue but through the description such as “Slims’ calm invitation to confidence” which reveals to us that he made George comfortable. The writer shows that this is what leads George to continue talking. The reason why Slim wants to find out more about George and Lennie’s relationship is that he finds it odd that two people are going to places together.

Slim knows that George wants to talk and after he begins, he knows that he can be “receptive” which is why he believes that he does not need to encourage George into saying more. The writer reveals Slim’s intelligence in this scene and his superiority in the sense that he was able to bring out the past of George.

This becomes useful in the next scene with Candy’s Dog and how he is key to the decision in the end. Slim’s qualities of being attentive and a good listener are further emphasised through the words “Godlike”” and the repetition of the words “calmly”. We also find out about George in this section and his past.

The fact that he used to bully Lennie by making him do random things for entertainment shows how he is not perfect either although he does regret his past.

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George answers “defensively” when Slim asks him about his relationship with Lennie. He believes that there is nothing wrong with this although he does know it is not that common. However, he then begins to reveal the past. The same characteristic of him is again shown when Candy asks them about the land that they want to buy. George begins by talking defensively but then eventually begins to reveal more about the piece of land.

George “wanting to talk” to Slim about the past shows how he wanted to share his past and concerns with others rather than be lonely as he could not tell anyone about Lennie and the girl in Weed. This also reflects the reason for which he goes to places with Lennie which is they get lonely and they become sad. George says this to Slim “…. guys that go around ranches. That ain’t no good”. Although the reader first feels that Lennie needs George to look after him, we find out here that George needs Lennie for company. Lennie’s past with a women in Weed is a foreshadow what will happen in the end.

The writer brings this story here to tell us the reason for which George and Lennie moved ranches and also to warn the reader of what is to come. This is then developed on with the attack on Curley, the puppy dying and then finally Curley’s wife’s death. The atmosphere in this scene is very significant in setting the mood for the conversation. Firstly, we are told about “the evening brightness” outside and the “dusk” inside which represent the happy relationship we seem to see between George and Lennie and how it never used to be like this before with the “dusk” inside. The dusk setting also shows that the coming up scene is negative.

The pool of light also focuses on the two characters giving importance to them in the scene. This is used to focus the scene more on George as he becomes the one that talks more. Slim “moved back slightly so that the light was not on his face”. This was also used to show that he did not want George to see his facial expression during the question as he did not want to give away his intention for asking. Jeya Packiarajah 11X Show preview only The above preview is unformatted text This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE John Steinbeck section. Download this essay Print Save Not the one?

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Slim and George in chapter 3 of Of Mice and Men
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