A Comparison of Mice and Men and Black Boy

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Synthesis Paragraph

The novels Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck and Black Boy by Richard Wright, along with the articles “The Story of the ‘Migrant Mother” by Ben Phelan and “Long-Distance Parenting” by Ana P.

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Santos, all demonstrate the theme that life can be endured with motivation. In Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck, Curley’s wife says: “Coulda been in the movies, and had nice clothes-all of them nice clothes as they wear.” (Steinbeck 89). Curley’s wife had a dream to be a star, and that dream kept her happy for a while and gave her hope for a better future, which enabled her to endure her loneliness with Curley.

Similarly, Richard Wright in Black Boy writes, “I would pay two dollars and a half a week for my room and I would save the balance for my trip to Chicago. All my thoughts and movements were dictated by distant hopes” (Wright 215). For Richard, the dream of a better future where he is recognized allowed him to plan and persevere through the negativity of the racist world.

Also, Ben Phelan writes in “The Story of the ‘Migrant Mother’” that “During the Great Depression, that was never a guarantee. “We never had a lot,’ said McIntosh, her daughter, but she always made sure we had something.” “(Phelan). Though the Great Depression was harsh, Thompson still had the motivation to feed her children, which helped her work for long hours and kept her family alive. Lastly, “Long-Distance Parenting” by Ana P. Santos explains how mothers working abroad can endure separation from their children in hopes that the life of the children will be better back home. In conclusion, all the texts show how incentive led to endurance, giving each character power to withstand unwanted circumstances.

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