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In a film of this genre, I would expect to find a lot of tension building up, atmosphere, music, lightening, shadows and various camera angles to make a supernatural thriller. In the film, ‘The Sixth Sense’ a child psychologist named Malcolm Crowe incredible played by Bruce Willis tries to help one of his young patients Vincent Gray (Donnie Walberg) but failed – “you failed me” a speech quoted by Donnie, because of his failure he gets shot, Malcolm gets obsessed with helping his patients, so his relationship with his wife suffers.

A year later, another young patient, Cole Sear (a talented young actor) Hayley Joel Osment has the same problem as Vincent he needs Malcolm’s help. Cole Later tells Malcolm that he can communicate with the dead “I see dead people” a speech quoted by Hayley,Malcom then figures out a way to make the dead go away, by listening to them and helping them.

The dead had come for help, they had a matter that they couldn’t complete whilst they were alive and left the matter unresolved. They wanted Cole to help them solve the matter so they can move on.

Vincent Gray Sixth Sense Scene

Later Malcolm helps Cole complete this task for a girl who was killed by her stepmother. Patient Cole in return, reveals some helpful information to Malcolm about his wife.

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In the end Malcolm discovers that he died the night he got shot. The first key scene I am going to examine is the red balloon scene. The scene starts where Cole and his mum Lynn Sear(Toni Collette) attends a birthday party, Cole hears weird noises coming from the top of the staircase and soon gets lured up by the weird noises.

Meanwhile Cole’s mum Lynn is busy socializing with other mums she does not realize that Cole has been lured up the stairs. As the noises sounded like the dead Cole starts to get paranoid, suddenly some nasty kids come up from behind him and shoves Cole into the room, and slams the door after him. Immediately, he gets attacked by the ghost inside, he is screaming and shouting, but the music downstairs is too loud that no-one can hear him.

The red balloon then pops, then she notices that someone is in trouble, so she wanders upstairs and realizes it was Cole, She tries her best to open the door, but it seemed to be locked. A minute later, everything goes silence. Cole’s screaming and shouting shops and the door unlocks . Finally Lynn lifts him out and takes him home. The director has put a lot of different camera angles, shadows, lightening and color in this scene he has uses a wide range of camera angles to show different outcomes, and color to create the scene mood and atmosphere.

The picture of the spiral staircase shows the audience by using a high angle to emphasis the color red and tells the audience that danger is near. Another angle the director has used is the low angle shot to create tension usually a low angle shot would show power but somehow the director has made him look innocent and vulnerable in this low angle shot, we, the audience will then know that he is going to have a bad experience. The director has also used shadow and lightening as well as camera angles to create foreshadow to symbolize him being threatened or death already occurred.

The second key scene I am going to examine is the red tent scene; I have chosen this scene because there is various music and soundtracks in this scene which make it horrifying and terrifying. The scene starts the thermostat on the wall reads, fifty-two degrees. Cole goes to the toilet a large figure moves past the doorway Cole’s knees starts to press together, his body becomes very still he stands there and stares into the darkness of the hall. Cole finally steps out into the hallway. His eyes catch a slant of light coming from the kitchen. His breath forms tiny clouds in the cold air.

Cole hesitates before being drawn to the kitchen. He then moves briskly to the door halfway down the corridor. Continuing down the hall and turns the corner coming to a stop in the doorway of the kitchen. Cole stares at the back of a person cooking food on the stove. Cole thought it was him mum so his fear slowly fades away until the person turns around it was not Lynn it was a dead, the woman face was demented, Cole’s face immediately turned the colour of ash Cole backs up to the doorway and hurried down the hall and heads for his tent Cole is curled up in the tent.

He lies still for a moment reaching over and flickering on a flash light then the tent get lit up and then suddenly the top of the tent starts ripping Cole starts to scared again and then he notices that a dead was in the tent. The director has put a lot of music to create tension in this scene he uses horrifying soundtracks making it an unsettling and horrifying atmosphere creating fear and suspense for the audience the tempo is what makes the music more horror as the suspense continues the tempo speeds up.

As well as tempo of the music there is also cold air use in this scene when the dead are angry the atmosphere becomes cold which indicates something is wrong. Creating a cold atmosphere. The director M. Night. Shyalaman uses a wide range of techniques and methods to create different atmosphere in different scenes. Although red is seen in every scene. The color red is an important color in this film, it set a mood to the film, it is used to symbolize anything in the real world which had become tainted by the ‘other’ world or anything related to death e. g.

Cole red tent, the red balloon, the door knob to the basement all these red indicates to the audience that something is going to happen related to death. The use of red is very effective because it grabs our attention on focusing on the color making the audience more aware of what is happening it also gives the audience a clue to what is going to happen next which is a good idea to put in a film so it lets the audience guess and think first without knowing what is actually going to happen. The actors and actresses in this film are Bruce Willis as Malcolm Crowe

Haley Joel Osment as Cole Sear Toni Collette as Lynn Sear Olivia Williams as Anna Crowe Glenn Fitzgerald as Sean Mischa Barton as Kyra Collins Donnie Walberg as Vincent Gray Bruce and Haley are both brilliant actors in this film they are classed as brilliant because they both can show thought and feeling using just there eyes without using word which is what make the film more successful. They both have very good facial expressions, body language and emotions because there faces when acting really convinces us that they are really in that situation.

For example in the picture of Cole his eyes show us that he needs to tell us something but is too scared to do so. Lastly, I think this film is very effective and brilliant to watch because there are various techniques used thought the film especially how the director has used the red to make it different from other films which is more useful because we are more aware of the red than any thing else. Another reason why I like the film is because the director has uses a lot of different camera angles which make the audience think and feel a different way. So overall I think this film is successful and great to watch.

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