Module 2: Social Psychology Mathis, Ronald Self Presentation and Social Perception Ronald Mathis Grand Canyon University: Soc 369 Due July 3, 2011 From my perspective, the material in the textbook relate to Matthew 7:3-5 in this way; when people put their judgments on others, but fail to see that they have faults, and that things are wrong with them too, they have failed to see themselves for who they really are. According to Oliver Sachs (1985), we have an inner self that is private and an outer self that we show to other people.

However, our outer self is biased, and want to cast judgment on others. We want to go around correcting people and telling them what to do. All the while, in the private, we do the same thing. The biased, they tell people they shouldn’t do that, and could be guilty of doing those very same things. Sachs also says “the self is heavily influenced by social factors” (Kassin, 2008, p. 55). For instance, if I start an infectious laughter, or yawing as if I am sleepy, and there are other people in the room, they will say “girl you are making me sleepy.

With laughter, even if I were faking it, someone would say “what are you laughing at? ” If I act like I could not stop, people would just start laughing too. Therefore, being biased can catch on like an epidemic. From my perspective, Matthew 7: 3-5 relates to me that I should not perceive things to be a certain way and they really are not.

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For instance, I should not perceive that just because I see someone that has on rich fancy clothes that they are wealthy, and they are better than me. Also, I should not let others try to make me feel bad about myself when an attempt is made to put me down or make me feel degraded.

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This to me is taking the plank out of my eye. A person can appear to be rich and not really be, and it could make me have feelings of inferiority if I allowed myself to feel that way, or if that person showed some type of affluent bias towards me like scorn of poverty stricken people. On the other hand, I should not attempt to do that to someone if I were in a position of having the appearance of wealth. In conclusion, when people bring their judgments they have failed to see themselves. Don’t perceive things to be a certain way when they really are not.

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