Do you think that the values and practices that Wall-Mart founder Sam Walton articulated recognized the claims that employees, as stakeholders, have on the firm? 1. Yes, Wall-Mart values and practices with founder Sam Walton recognized the claims that employees, as stakeholder have on the firm. But that was during those years that the so-called values and principles have worked effectively. What might have changed in the ethical climate of Wal-Mart in recent years to contribute to the lawsuits by dis-gruntled employees? .

Not being focus on the company’s mission and vision from the management side might have changed in the ethical climate of Wall-Mart. To think, the company have started with a very strong and ambitious values and principles which employees were given the most importance. Do you think Wal-Mart has an ethical problem? Is the company right to claim that with 1. 4 million employees, some problems are bound to arise? 3. I don’t think Wall-Mart has an ethical problem.

I believe no companies dream of just earning without helping their manpower.

If you were running Wal-Mart, what steps would you take to address any potential ethical issues, particularly with regard to employees? 4. If I’m running Wall-Mart, I’ll make sure that those people I put in the management have the same vision and dedication to make realize the company’s core values and principles. If I have a company whose focus is the welfare of employees, then I should recruit and train people for the management to become like me.

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