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The following sample essay on Convey Effect Walton experience leaves him feeling lonely yet confident. He confides through letters to his sister, who subsequently gave an insight to the reader of the problems of Dr. Victor Frankenstein. Due to his creation of the monster, the story focuses primarily on ethics which consequently lead to the use of binary oppositions in the letters to Walton’s sister.

These included that of light vs. dark, good vs. evil and many others. A popular binary opposite is the idea of ‘Isolation and friendship.

‘ Frankenstein strays away from his friends and family to pursue a career of science whilst Robert Walton sets sail on a ship to the Pacific. The use of this binary opposite suggests two major important themes in the novel. Binary opposites add drama and uncertainty to the text as they are two contrasting ideas meaning the reader does not know what to expect. It also helps grab the reader’s attention.

Frankenstein when he was living with his family was happy but after he pursued his career in science his morale went down and he became depressed. Margaret Shelley uses binary opposites to show certain bad character traits. The binary opposites add feeling and emotion and have a big unknown impact to the reader. The majority of people would suggest that being alone/isolated is bad and this gives the impression that it is the wrong thing to do. Margaret Shelley creates the character of Frankenstein very much around binary opposites.

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Isolating Frankenstein makes the reader feel that he is bad and doing wrong. This can also be linked back to the other idea of ‘Man and God’ as both people desire to know more. A significant binary opposite is that of the idea of Man and God. Robert Walton tells his sister of the preparations leading up to his departure and of the desire burning in him to accomplish “some great purpose”-discovering a northern passage to the Pacific, revealing the source of the Earth’s magnetism, or setting foot on undiscovered territory.

Frankenstein is similar to him in that he desires to find out the secrets of creation. Both accounts are similar and show the desirable and somewhat evil nature of humans. The use of binary opposites highlights the right and wrongs and portrays a somewhat troubled world. Science and nature are also used in Frankenstein. Victor is almost certain that science can provide the answer he needs and knowledge he desires about creation, however he is wrong and the creature he makes is horrible and ugly.

“His yellow skin scarcely covered the work of muscles and arteries beneath. ” Science and nature are very much contrasting ideas and the use of the binary opposite creates meaning and feeling. Binary opposites also often criticize each other due to the fact that the existence of science implies the lack of a creator/creation. The use of opposites makes the reader have a stereotypical view on things. The stereotype of science is created and reinforced each time we hear the word ‘nature’ It makes science seem destructive and against all things peaceful.

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