The Tragic Deaths Of The 'Pair Of Star Crossed Lovers'

This paper example uncovers the main arguments and facts regarding Romeo and Juliet. Find out about Romeo And Juliet in this essay. Romeo and Juliet is probably Shakespeare’s most famous play. It’s an exciting, romantic and entertaining tragedy, which has won the thumbs up from almost everyone who’s come across it. But one of the greatest mysteries of Romeo and Juliet is whose fault is it. Who is to blame for the tragic deaths of the ‘pair of star crossed lovers’ and many of their friends and relatives?

Romeo and Juliet were very young and we tend not to blame youths for their mistakes due to lack of knowledge and maturity.

But realistically if they are old enough to get married, have sex, kill and commit suicide their old enough to take responsibility for their actions. I think a key issue was that Romeo was very immature and had no idea what love truly was. At first he was head over heals for Roseline and describes her as ‘fair’ and ‘beautiful’ and as soon as he catches sight of Juliet he’s totally forgotten about Roseline.

There are many reasons why this was predictable. Firstly he only described Roseline’s physical beauty but never once mentioned any thing he loved about her as a person. This indicates that he was in love with her physical beauty, which just isn’t enough for true love to be true. Friar Lawrence also picked this up when in act 2 scene 3 he says ‘young men’s love then lies not truly in their hearts, but in their eyes.

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’ secondly he’s a young male who’s hormones are naturally running a bit wild which is partially expressed when he says ‘sin from my lips? O trespass sweetly urged’ before he kisses Juliet for the second time. The passion of a kiss ignites lust and lust feeds infatuation making it easier for them to fall into puppy loves trap.

His hormones led him to be in a position where he would easily fall in and out of what he would believe is love. But most importantly I think that Romeo only wanted her because he couldn’t have her which is made evident in act1 scene 1 when Romeo says ”she’ll not be hit with cupids arrow’and in strong proof of chastity well armed from loves weak childish bow she lives un charmed” he therefore was prone to rapidly develop rash feelings for another, we call this rebounding. In Act2 scene1 the chorus says ‘NOW Romeo is beloved, and loves again, alike bewitched by the charm of looks;’ it’s easy to go for the next person that comes alone when you’re dealing with rejection.

He was right to describe Roseline as ‘well armed’;” young and foolish infatuation causes many problems and heartaches. It’s a shame that Juliet was as rash and irrational as Romeo. Juliet fell for him as fast as he did for her. People call it love at first sight and I believe that love at first sight exists. But love at first sight is just a romantic way of saying falling in love with someone’s looks.

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The Tragic Deaths Of The 'Pair Of Star Crossed Lovers'
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