Rocky American Dream

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He reinvents the American Dream by accomplishing things people seem to think are Impossible. Since every person has the opportunity to succeed and achieve this American Dream, our country has been called the land of opportunity. Rocky tremendously demonstrates a person who has attained this dream. Against all odds Rocky obtains the American Dream by using qualities society deems necessary.

In the movie Rocky obtains the American Dream.

He attains fame and money, knowledge and love and his one passion In life boxing. Rocky obtains fame and money through his boxing career. Early on In his career he was an unknown fighter and fought in bars for barely enough money to live. After years of bar fights he was given his big shot at the Heavy Weight Title. Apollo Creed, the current Heavy Weight Champion, wanted to give an unknown a shot at the title and Rocky was the lucky candidate.

He fought Apollo creed and lost by a decision, but it was extremely unclear who actually won the fight.

After the fight people had doubts that Apollo had actually won. This doubting public drove Apollo too rematch with Rocky. Rocky was hesitant at first, but after some convincing he decided to fight Apollo. In the rematch, Rocky defeated Apollo. He defeated Apollo against all odds. No one believed Rocky could win except himself.

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“Norman Season’s “The Hurricane” bears little resemblance to “Rocky” except that the protagonists of both are prizefighters facing long odds. “Rocky” was a heartwarming tale of an unknown who makes an unlikely climb to become champion. The Hurricane” tells of a contender whose career Is need when he Is snared In a legal trap of revenge and bigotry” (Thomas). By defeating Apollo in the rematch, Rocky became the Heavy Weight Champion; if you are the Heavy Weight Champion of the world, you are definitely famous. When Rocky agreed to fight Apollo for the second time, the contract he signed made him a millionaire. Through the fight with Apollo and other fights after he was Heavy Weight Champion, he became rich. As he grew older, Rocky obtained knowledge and love. He obtained knowledge by living In the world for many years.

As a boy, he was not very Intelligent. HIS dad told him that since he did not have much of a brain he must learn to use his body; this is why he took up boxing. While watching the movie, it is possible to get the impression from Rocky that he dreamed of being intelligent. When he was young he did not understand how important an education was, but as he grew older he realized. This realization hit when he went out to look for a Job and could only find manual labor. Businesses turned him down because he lacked an education, but the interviewers always inquired as to why he did not just box.

This showed Rocky that e should stick to what he is best at, and that was boxing. All the knowledge that Rocky obtained he wanted to relay over to his son. He did not want his son to be a fighter, but he wanted his son to go to school and get an education. By looking at the way in which Rocky pushes his son, it is evident that Rocky has obtained knowledge about what Is Important In life. Rocky receives love from a woman he has been chasing Tort years, Adrian. He would always go Into ten pet snoop Tanat seen worker at to court her. He would tell her an extremely corny Joke and then ask her out, but she loud never agree to go out with him.

Adrian seemed to have personal problems and this is why she never agreed to go out with him. Around the same time that Rocky received word from Apollo Creed about the fight, she decided to go out with him. The date was not extravagant but it did the Job. From then on they were seeing one another and ended up getting happily married. Rocky was also able to do what he loved most, boxing. He understood that he would never be as good at anything else, but he loved boxing. Many times Adrian asked him to quit, but he never did because he knew he was made to be a fighter.

Boxing allowed Rocky to have a Job that he both loved and was great at. Throughout Rock’s life the world presented him many hardships. He was born poor, unintelligent and also had problems with boxing and Adrian. Since Rocky was born into lower class society he did not have a good financial background to support him. He worked for an Italian relative that was most likely in the mafia. His Job was to make sure those that owed his boss money paid. Rocky was stuck in an environment without opportunities so he turned to boxing. Rock’s intelligence level was also not too high.

His dad told him while he was young that he better learn to use his body since he did not have much in his brain. Not only was Rocky less than intelligent, but the environment in which he grew up did not promote what intelligence he possessed. In this world it is extremely hard to support oneself and a family without an education so Rocky had to work hard to find money for his family. Rock’s boxing career looked extremely shaky until he received the call from Apollo Creed. His trainer Mackey even thought Rocky was a bum. Rocky lost his locker because Mackey thought his boxing career was finished.

When one loses his locker in a no name boxing place in Philadelphia, his or her boxing career is not looking to well. Lastly his love Adrian acted as if he did not exist. Rocky would try to flatter her with his kindness, but she never acknowledge him. What Rocky was provided in life was not much and the rest of his life looked pretty grim because of it. But Rocky achieved the American Dream because he had heart and he was a gentlemen. The heart that Rocky portrayed was amazing. Rock’s boxing style represents his heart very well. Rocky was not the fastest, strongest or biggest boxer, UT he possessed mental strength.

While Rocky was in the ring he would get beat very badly by his opponent, but Rocky always kept coming after his opponent until he tired him out. After he had tired out his opponent Rocky knocked him out. Because of this tactic he was hit in the head a tremendous amount of times during his career, which caused him to have brain damage later on in life. His opponents would describe him as inhuman and also compared him to a piece of steal since he could get hit so many times and not knocked out. Also throughout his career people had told him that his career was done.

People including his wife would always tell him to stop boxing and that he could not win. But Rocky ignored all of their advice and continued to fight when he felt it to be necessary. His courageous heart was seen when he decided to fight the man who had killed his best friend during a boxing match. Rocky went to Russia to train and fight this man. Even though Rocky was told to be over the hill and that he could not win he still went to Russia and fought his opponent. HIS opponent was much younger Ana stronger tan ml. So Tort Rocky to go into Russia, leave all of what he knows, to fight this man shows extreme courage.

Rocky defeated the Russian in a great boxing match. It probably was Rock’s greatest fight of his career. “the epic battles with Joe Frazier and George Foreman” (Early). A real life comparison can be Muhammad All. Who beat both Frazier and Foreman against all odds. Rocky was also an extreme gentlemen. He was always polite to everyone. In the movie sometimes it is possible to get the impression that his gentleness is because if his intelligence level. One great example of Rock’s kindness was when he went to a Catholic priest before he fought Apollo Creed.

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